Trackless party train for sale  is very popular in amusement park, square, scenic spots, etc. At the same time, it also has a high popularity between children and adults. Following are frequently asked questions about trackless party trains for sale.

What type of trackless party trains can we offer you?

In Dinis factory, there are various trackless party train for you to choose from. Animal-themed Train, Thomas-themed train ride, Fantasy or Fairy tale Train, etc. And also be customized according to your needs

How about the capacity for the trackless party train?

For trackless party train, there are small scale, medium, and large scale. Usually 12 seats, 24 seats, and seats. Of course, the number of passenger cabins is adjustable according to your needs. And free customization service is available.

Thomas train kiddie ride

Is the Trackless Party Train electric or diesel powered?

Both power model are available. If you want strong power trackless party train, we can produce diesel powered party train for you. However, electric party train is more common than diesel party train.

Does trackless electric party trains need periodic maintenance?

No, but there is something should be followed:

  1. Itis electric train, please don’t use it in the rain.
  2. To protect the battery, please don’t lasting use the train when the voltage is low. Please charge timely.
  3. Please don’t put the charger under the strong sunlight.
Trackless Thomas train ride for sale

How long does it take to charge the batteries?

In Dinis factory, only mini trackless party train is battery type. And it needs to charge 6-7 hours and can run 6-8 hours according to its running mileage. In addition, we use famous brand battery named Chaowei from China with long service life.

Can we provide you with support in the event of a maintenance issue?

Yes, we can provide maintenance for lifelong. 1 year free maintenance for mechanical parts, 6 months free maintenance for electric appliances

How long is the production cycle of trackless party trains?

Usually, the production time is 7-10 working days. If you have customized need, the time may be longer, but not exceed 15 days.

Is it available for trackless party train running in public park in Europe?

Yes, it is. We have CE certification, and our products is European standard and can be used at anywhere. And you can be sure to buy them for your carnival business.

Can you add LED lights for the trackless party trains?

Yes, you can add LED nights if you want to run your carnival business at night.

Is it available to add traffic recorder?

Yes, you can increase traffic recorder. It is very convenient at emergency. What’s more, you can clearly know the situation of the surrounding

Details of Thomas Trackless party train

Is it adjustable for the speed of the trackless party train?

Yes, it is adjustable. You are free to adjust this speed according to the requirements of your country.

Where are the brakes on the trackless party train?

Typically, we have foot brakes and hand brakes on our trains. It is very safe.

Can we provide installation and removal videos?

We can. We will send you professional installation video and manual. If you need it, we can send professional engineers to your country and give you specific guidance. But that’s for a fee.

How about the train’s tire?

We use vacuum tire.

What is the temperature range that trains can be used in?

Typically, Train’s Service Temperature. -20 to 45

What’s the material for the body of the trackless party train?

We use fine FRP material for the body of the trackless party train with a long service life.