The Peacock shaped Slide for sale is a new type of unpowered equipment that integrates climbing and sliding. It is similar to the panda shaped slide, spaceship themed stainless steel. Commonly found in amusement parks, large shopping malls, and theme parks. It is very popular among children and adults with novel appearance and unique design. The Peacock Slide was originally designed by Danish amusement ride design team Monstrum for Hong Kong’s Bohemian Garden. This kind of amusement ride based on a peacock family (a reclining mother peacock, a group of baby peacocks, and a 9-meter-tall father peacock). The whole family of beautiful peacocks have made their home in the Bohemian Garden. However, the meaning behind it is Explore the Garden to meet them all and discover a variety of fun surprises.

Besides, the design itself was based on the idea of giving the play equipment the form of animals, e.g. a peacock. Having such a unique slide in a playground will make children’s hearts jump with joy.

At the same time, the tallest member of the family, Papa Peacock sits proudly one the top a giant birdcage watching over the city while looking after his family. The entire peacock slide is designed to cultivate children’s exploration ability. Explore the birdcage or climb up Papa Peacock’s tail to enjoy the 6m high slide.

How to play the peacock slide ride?

The peacock slide is very different from the common slide, it has its own unique way of playing. One is simple, kids or adults can climb the stairs in the birdcage and then slide from the 6m slide. It is easy for children and adults. Another way is difficult, kids have to find a way to climb on its flowing tail before sliding down the 6-metre tube slide! This is a process full of twists and turns. But during this process, it can exercise children’ s strong heart. This attraction looks like a whimsical art installation, and much like art. Because it lets imagination take the lead because it doesn’t offer ready-made answers for children. Give Children a opportunity to explore, learn and play. And each of them has themselves unique experience.

Besides, at the bottom of the Peacock Slide, there are several bounce pads. They all are fixed by spring, and they are arranged in a cartoon style, which makes jumping even more fun for child. It is a good way to test your balance skills by jumping from one pad to another. Bring a great deal of fun for all of your family.

What age groups can play the Peacock Slide for sale?

Children under the age of 5 are not allowed to play on the Peacock shaped Slide for sale for safety reasons. On the one hand, the slide is too high and not suitable for small children. On the other hand, the Peacock slide ride is a challenging projects with a specific level of difficulty. However, children over the age of 5 must be supervised by their parents. In addition, it is a good attraction for parents. Especially on weekends or after school, parents can accompany their children to play together in the amusement park, square, etc. It can not only promote the all-round development of children, but also bring parents and children closer to each other emotionally.

Why choose Dinis Peacock slide amusement ride over our competitor?

Draft picture of peacock slide

When you choose Dinis as your supplier, you will get a perfect peacock slide as you expected. You could freely choose the size of this equipment according to your site area and investment budget. Usually, the peacock  shaped slide for sale covers 10×5 ×8m just for your reference. At the same time, you can also choose the color of the peacock slide ride. Last but not least, we can provide you with free landing plan according to your requirements. However, if you have no idea about where to build, we can offer you a detailed planning book, it must be helpful for you.

After 20 years of growth, Dinis has become a leader in China amusement ride market. The peacock slide for sale that we produced has exported all over the world, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, etc. We have rich production experience. It is not an exaggeration to say that every worker in our factory is a skilled worker. Each of them must undergo strict pre-work training, and then can work. At present, we own several engineers and over one hundred of technical staff. We have professional design and research team. Therefore, our Dinis factory has strong team strength to support our development.

As a source manufacturer, the price of our peacock shaped slide ride for sale is cheaper than others. However, you can rest assure the quality. Because we adopt fine FRP material that is durable. Besides, we save the different price of the middleman, and give more profit to our customers. Factory ship the product directly to customer’s country, one-stop service for you and solve all your concerns.

How about the price of the Peacock slide for sale? And have any discount?

Generally speaking, the price of the peacock slide in Dinis is reasonable compared to combined plastic slide. On the one hand, we are professional and source manufacturer. We can save the different price of the middleman and give more profit to our customers. On the other hand, we are committed to selling our products all over the world. So a favorable price with good quality can win a good reputation of our customers, and then broad our product influence. However, the final price mainly depends on your customized requirements. Including but not limited to the size, the material selection,and other your special needs.

peacock shaped slide

Last but not least, we would like to give you some advice when you buy amusement rides. The most important thing is to compare the price and quality of the same product. Lower price doesn’t mean high quality product. Maybe the price is lower now, but the maintenance cost of will be higher later. You should clearly know your demand for products, focus more on price or product quality. If you want to buy the peacock slide with high quality but reasonable price, please feel free to contact us.