Retrace the Long March Rides for Sale is a new type of unpowered amusement project. There are many unpowered products in our factory, such as, bounce cloud amusement ride, etc. At the same time, it is also an experiential development project for teenagers covering various elements such as competitive competitions and comprehensive development. Based on the theme of the red background of long march of twenty-five thousand kilometers(The Long March, a historical event of great turning significance in Chinese history. Began in October 1934 and ended in October 1936, lasting two years. The main story is that the Red Army of China overcame many difficulties and traveled 25,000 kilometers on foot to achieve the victory of the revolution), it combines different expansion facilities.


Taking historical events as prototypes, such as climbing the snowy mountains, crossing the grasslands,etc. Connecting devices with stories and deepening experience with scenes, under such a concept.Children can understand some Chinese culture and Chinese spirit.

At the same time, children can also freely experience and challenge at will to improve their physical fitness. Seemingly ordinary low-cost unpowered facilities,like snow dry rainbow slide, can also turn ordinary into brilliant.

What is its production process like of the Retrace the Long March Rides for Sale?

All the amusement equipment on the Retrace the Long March Rides for Sale are made of high-resistance rotomolding, high-quality anti-corrosion wood and stainless steel, combined with painting technology, novel in style, bright in color, guaranteed in quality, support multiple people to play at the same time, and have a long service life. At the same time, we have adopt a series of safety measures,including safety nets, smooth slides, thickened guardrails, etc. All these measures provide children with a safe and pleasant playing environment, so that children can fully feel the joy and at the same time, their safety is also well guaranteed. The overall design of the device is simple and modern, which not only meets the aesthetic needs of fashion, but also attracts children’s attention.

Top 6 hot-selling items in amusement equipment on the Long March Road

There are two slopes for the  charging platform , forming a triangular structure, so that children can also quickly rush through after the start, exercise children’s legs explosive force.

Through the grid.  The grid is not really connected to the electric network, but the simulation of the grid crawling task, the purpose is to let the children with a flexible body to go through the circle, and do not touch the edge.

Hanging stakes are a row of small wooden stakes suspended by two ropes. Children need to maintain accurate balance when walking over them, otherwise they are likely to “fall” while shaking

Wooden rock climbing.  Wooden rock climbing is equivalent to a scaled-down version of rock climbing, its height is relatively low, more suitable for small children’s height, and parents and friends do not need to worry about security.

Mainly composed of wooden planks and ropes, square planks of wood below the two long narrow planks, four corners to let four ropes hanging. Visitors need to step on the planks and hold the ropes at the ends with their hands to go from one plank to the other.

The grid is not really connected to the electric network, but the simulation of the grid crawling task. The purpose is to let the children with a flexible body to go through the circle.

Wooden rock climbing is equivalent to a scaled-down version of rock climbing. However, its height is relatively low, more suitable for small children’s height. At the same time,parents and friends do not need to worry about security.

The Great Arch Bridge is an arch-shaped climbing bridge. There are countless climbing pivots on the upper side of the bridge. So children can step on the climbing pivots to climb up the mountain. Compared with the climbing wall, it is arched and has the fun of climbing.

What can Children gain from retrace the long march rides for Sale?

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Train the youth group to have a spirit of perseverance and courage to challenge, learn to manipulate their psychological state. And maintain a stable mindset. Exercise the ability to work fearlessly, break through the current situation, and challenge self-control.

Nowadays, more and more people want to find shortcuts whenever they face difficulties, instead of facing up to them. In the long run, when they finally face the obstacles they cannot avoid, they will collapse. Therefore, the children can learn that they must conquer the obstacles that they meet in life.

Retracing the Long March is good for the physical and mental development of the child. Taking the Long March again can broaden children’s vision, exercise children’s physical coordination ability. Besides,it can provide children with opportunities to get close to nature, let them feel the beauty of nature. It can also inspire their spirit of exploration and adventure, and release their nature

Why do you recommend you to invest in the amusement equipment of re-walking the Long March Road?

Good development prospects, strong fun, very popular among children. You can freely arrange each small project of re-walking the Long March , which makes this project more diverse. Even children who play frequently can feel a different sense of freshness.

There is no requirements for the site. If the site is small, you can arrange and combine a small number of items. And if the site is large, you can arrange them arbitrarily. Besides, each small project does not occupy a large area.So you can place the shape of “s” or “z”. It not only does not take up too much space, but also makes it more playable.

Reasonable price, safety and environmental protection, no pollution,fast return flow. The project is tailor-made for children, so it will not endanger children while ensuring challenge. So children can also play freely without the company of parents. Then this set of equipment launched by our Dinis amusement park can provide you with exclusive customized services according to different venues, environments and your own needs. It is very convenient for you to invest the Retrace the Long March Ride.

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