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360 bicycle amusement equipment for sale

Category: single version and double version.

The double-person version of the equipment installs another bicycle on the right side of the first bicycle.

Two bicycles side by side can compete with each other and challenge each other. It is very suitable for couples, brothers, and best friends to play.

Usually, the size is 5.8  *3*5.2 m. However, it is adjustable according to your venue.


The 360-degree rotating bicycle is also called a space bicycle. Its overall shape is circular, with a large circular track on the outside. The experiencer rides the bicycle in the circle. When the experiencer sits on the bicycle, he only needs to gently step on the bicycle. The bicycle will swing back and forth at a low amplitude in the early stage. However,  after the speed reaches a certain level, the bicycle can rotate 360 degrees along the track. At this time, players will experience the centrifugal feeling between their heads and feet. It is like an exciting roller coaster experience.



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