If you are looking for party train rides for kids or you are a party organizer, how can you get suitable party train amusement attraction. Don’t be worry, Dinis amusement ride manufacturer will help you. In our factory, there are various amusement train rides for your reference.  Thomas trackless and track party  train rides for children, animal-themed party train for kids, kiddie clown-themed party train, small ridable party train, etc. However, the most popular among them are Thomas the Tank Engine and the Small Rideable Train.  Because children  are fascinated by amusement rides with different themes and styles. For example, animal-themed flying chair, funny worm roller coaster amusement ride. Therefore, buying a party train for kids will be the best gifts for kids. What’s more, it can add more fun for the party, not only for children, but also for adults.

But you may feel upset about where to buy, what kind of party train to buy, etc. This article will mention them one by one. By the way, party train ride is a kind of perfect rental ride for store. So you can buy a party train and place it at the door of the store. It can be rented out not only to people hosting banquets, but also to schools when they hold large-scale events. And church events, family event, corporate party.  Normally, you can also run it yourself.

Where can you buy kids party train for sale?

Here are some tips for you. You could buy the kids party train ride for sale from middleman, store, manufacturer or supplier. Which is the best one? There is no doubt that the manufacturer or supplier is the best one. Because the manufacturer can give you a competitive price compared to the middleman or store for the same product and the same material. Here, I recommend you to buy birthday party trains from Dinis supplier with the following reasons.

As a factory, we can custom the track size and shape according to your land  requirements. There are round shape, oval shape, B shape, 8 shape for your reference.

Besides, you can choose the color, theme, carriage according to you actual needs. Free customized service  is available for you.

We can also recommend suitable party trains for you according to your budget.

It has produced and exported hundreds of amusement rides at home and abroad. After 20 years of development, Dinis factory has become one of the famous suppliers in China’s amusement industry. In addition, every worker in Dinis factory must undergo a rigorous pre-job training before starting work. At present, there are about 200 professional technicians and more than ten engineers in Dinis. A strong team can produce better products. Therefore, we are more worthy of your trust.

Our Dinis company has its own factory. While ensuring the quality, it gives customers the most favorable price and saves the price difference of middlemen. But we never comprise on quality. On the contrary, we use fine material to ensure the long service life of kids party train. Such as, FRP and galvanized steel, etc. Last but not least, we have passed the national qualification certificate, including CE, ISO, 3 A enterprise credit rating certificate, etc. You can feel safe to buy our party train.

What kind of kiddie amusement rides train are suitable for party?

There are two popular kids party train ride for sale in our factory. Meanwhile, they all get good feedback from our customers. They are Thomas party train and small track train respectively.

Hot sale small track party train ride for children

Small track party train ride here we refer to a type of ridable train. It is also powered by electric battery with the characteristics of energy saving. The small track party train consists of a locomotive and two or three passenger carriages and can accommodate 9 or 13 people totally. For the size of locomotive, 2.1*0.6*0.9m, and the size of coaches is 2*0.6*0.7m. Usually, there are 4PCS12V 45A battery. In addition, it’s equipped with 0.75kW and 48V. So it can bring a different feeling for children due to its special rides. Therefore, it enjoys a high popularity among children.

Additionally, it is also a good choice to enjoy parent-child time due to its compact size and can you can use it in your backyard.What’s more, kids party train uses electric control cabinet, and it will be play beautiful songs when the train is started.  Also equipped with a simulated chimney.  All of this makes kids feel like they are on a real train. For the small  train carnival rides, there are different themes for to choose in Dinis, clown theme, animal theme, ant theme, Christmas theme, etc. Last but not least, this kind of party train is not only suitable for birthday party, but also suitable for classmate party, family event, Christmas party, Halloween party, and even amusement park, square, and so on.

If you are planning a party for indoor, you could choose this small ridable train for your party due to its small footprint. However, if you are looking for a party train for outdoor, track and trackless Thomas party train is the best choice for you.

Thomas party train for sale

Thomas train rides have become more and more popular among kids because of its attractive appearance and vivid images. It is very common in theme park, resort hotels, amusement park, scenic sports, etc. But how about buying a Thomas Train ride for the party? Sounds wonderful! Right? Thomas party train rides for sale in Dinis factory can be divided into rail Thomas train and trackless Thomas train.

Track kiddie Thomas party train ride for sale


Thomas track train ride need a certain track, but it not means it always be fixed on certain place. You can detach the track after the party due to its easy disassembly. And track Thomas train is powered by electric. The electric driven train is more environmentally friendly than fuel kids party train. However, if you want to buy a Thomas the Tank Engine with more power and better climbing ability, you can choose the diesel-powered Thomas Train. Normally,the standard configuration of both trains is one locomotive + 3 passenger carriages, which can accommodate 12-16 people. And also has stronger power with 1-5 KW, and 220V/380V. Therefore, it is a hit in amusement park, theme park, square, etc.

Trackless Thomas train  for sale


Trackless Thomas train can be run anywhere only in flat ground, so you can use it in different occasions not limited to birthday party. You can use it on Christmas party, Halloween party, shopping mall, zoo, etc. Besides, it is suitable for children’s daily life, especially after school, weekends. In terms of power, usually, trackless Thomas trains are also electric battery powered or diesel driven.Its running speed can reach 8km/h under full load. And the total cabin size is 10500*1160*1920mm (customized). In order to ensure the safety of trackless train rides, you should have a large enough venue due to its 5.5m turning radius. Besides, the weight of each car can’t exceed 210 KG.

Although they have different driving forces and different performance, they all have almost the same equipment. Under normal circumstance, they all have one locomotive and three or four carriages, which can carry up 12-14 passengers. The locomotive is cute Thomas design with LED lights, and there are two row seats for each cabin. The cabins also include safety belts to protect the kids very well. You can also customize the number of the carriages according to your party site. Besides, each party train is equipment with PA system, smoke machine, real sound, and camera. All of these can make the experience more realistic for children. In addition,  we also have other style kids party train. For example, Christmas track train, Ocean theme trackless train, and other any kids party train for you to choose from. 


How much do kids party trains sell for ? 

The price of party train varies in terms of different size and style. For track ridable train, it is cheaper than  Thomas track train and trackless train. Usually, $3,250.00-5,000.00 per set due to its compact size. However, for Thomas train, track Thomas is more cheaper than trackless Thomas train ride. It may cost $3,800.00-8,000.00 to purchase track Thomas train. But it will cost $5,000.00-8,960.00 to buy trackless Thomas train. It mainly depends on the style you choose, large, medium or small.  And your personal customization needs, such as whether to add carriages or not.  And what material the train is made of. Of course, there will be a certain discount based on the factory price. As for the final discount, we can discuss in detail. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us by Email, we also welcome you to visit our factory in China.

Wide application for party trains for sale


Children’s party train amusement ride has a wide range of applications due to its appeal to kids.  Here are some of the common applications:

What is the material of the  kids party train amusement rides? Are there any advantages?

We use the finest FRP material for the body of the children’s party train rides, no matter what style. What’s more, Dinis amusement ride manufacturer can produce FRP material by itself. And it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance. Besides, it also has long service life with smooth surface. Therefore, it is easy to maintain. The most important thing is that it is light, so it is very easy to install. For the train frame, we use Q235 international steel with a thickness of 3-5mm. The advantages of this material are wear resistance and strong oxidation resistance. If you want to know more detailed information, please feel free to contact us by email.

Frequently asked questions about trackless party trains for sale

For trackless party train, there are small scale, medium, and large scale. Usually 12 seats, 24 seats, and seats. Of course, the number of passenger cabins is adjustable according to your needs.

In Dinis factory, there are various trackless party train for you to choose from. Animal-themed Train, Thomas-themed train ride, Fantasy or Fairy tale Train, etc. And also be customized according to your needs

Both power model are available. If you want strong power trackless party train, we can produce diesel powered party train for you. However, electric party train is more common than diesel party train.

No, but there is something should be followed:

  1. Itis electric train, please don’t use it in the rain.
  2. To protect the battery, please don’t lasting use the train when the voltage is low. Please charge timely.
  3. Please don’t put the charger under the strong sunlight.

In Dinis factory, only mini trackless party train is battery type. And it needs to charge 6-7 hours and can run 6-8 hours according to its running mileage. In addition, we use famous brand battery named Chaowei from China with long service life.

Yes, we can provide maintenance for lifelong. 1 year free maintenance for mechanical parts, 6 months free maintenance for electric appliances

Usually, the production time is 7-10 working days. If you have customized need, the time may be longer, but not exceed 15 days

Yes, it is. We have CE certification, and our products is European standard and can be used at anywhere. And you can be sure to buy them for your carnival business. 

Yes, you can add night nights if you want to run your carnival business at night.

Yes, you can increase traffic recorder. It is very convenient at emergency. What’s more, you can clearly know the situation of the surrounding

Yes, it is adjustable. You are free to adjust this speed according to the requirements of your country.

Typically, we have foot brakes and hand brakes on our trains. It is very safe.

We can. We will send you professional installation video and manual. If you need it, we can send professional engineers to your country and give you specific guidance. But that’s for a fee.

We use vacuum tire.

Typically, Train’s Service Temperature. -20 to 45

We use fine FRP material for the body of the trackless party train with a long service life.