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Hot-sale volcanic climbing for kids

Bottom diameter 12 m
Platform diameter 1.8 m
Platform height 4.7 m
Device height 6 m


A newly developed unpowered equipment for volcanic rock climbing in recent years. It is based on the mysterious, spectacular and towering volcanic shape of nature as the background, and is equipped with climbing rocks that are combined with rock climbing. There are circles of climbing rocks on the volcano rock climbing. Children can start climbing from the bottom first, grab the climbing rocks with both hands and climb up. When they climb to the top of the mountain, they can slide from the slide on the top of the “volcano” or from the surface of the “volcano” slope. When you come down, the sliding feeling of the slide itself can let the children feel the excitement and stimulation of rushing down from the high slide, which is conducive to cultivating the children to use their own imagination.


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