Kids slide outdoor for sale is very common in amusement park, theme park, playground, fun fair, children’s paradise. etc. Slides have always been popular among people. On the one hand, they could bring fun to people. On the other hand, and most importantly, their safety performance is high. However, with the development of time, the slides are always changing and innovating. In recent days, our Dinis factory has launched two new and special slides for children. One is elephant-shaped slide ride, another is children’s backyard combined plastic slide for sale. Different from slides, such as dry slide, glass slide, they have their own characteristics. Let’s look at them one by one.

Hot Sale Outdoor Elephant-Shape Slide Equipment in Amusement Park


Elephant-shaped slide is a kind of slide that based on the animal theme. It is a slide that combines climbing and sliding. It is very similar to peacock themed slide in style. However, it is an elephant-shaped platform slide with a height of 2.6m. Its unique gameplay and novel shape have attracted the attention of many children. The whole elephant slide displays an abstract elephant shape through a white steel structure, with ears, teeth and trunk visible. The long trunk is a slide channel, the slide is a semi-enclosed stainless steel slide. And the elephant’s body is a hollow frame, and nylon climbing nets on both sides can help children to climb up and down and to meet the needs of children of different ages.

There are three ways to climb the Elephant Trunk Slide. One is to walk along the slope on either side of the platform, another is to climb the net on either side of the elephant and then slide off the slide ride. The last way is the easiest, you could enter the slide through the the stairs under the elephant. However, due to its large size, outdoors is the most suitable place at present. Of course, the size is adjustable according to your site requirements. Usually, the size of the is L20×W20m, and the height of the platform is 2.6m.

However, under this elephant slide, there is a naive little elephant with a round body, short limbs, big ears. It is so cute that many children ride on it to take pictures. The curly trunk floats on the pillar, as if holding the hind leg of the elephant’s father, fully demonstrating the child’s innocence.

In addition, there are hanging swings under the platform, and sound commission is available. And you can choose according to your needs, and their decorations are also available.

Popular Backyard Kids Combined Plastic Slides  for Sale

Kids are always crazy after schools, on weekends, or holidays, right? They will make a lot of noise when you are working. Or they choose to play go outside for so long that you can’t find them half of the days. You may be angry with them, but there’s no way around it, right? Here I have a suggestion for you to build a “playground” for your children by putting slides there. And then your kids will be at home, and you won’t have to worry about them and you can pay more attention to your work.

Usually, the combined plastic slides are so popular among children due to its novel appearance and unique game play. There are two common of combined plastic slides for your reference. If your backyard is bigger, you can choose the bigger size, which usually covers 1020×440×500cm. Another is smaller, it occupies a small area with 960×600×520cm. The combined plastic slide in Dinis is a kind of cartoon theme slide. And you can freely choose the cartoon images according to the child’s liking. To make the slide more eye-catching, you can choose the color, pink, blue, and other colors.

At the same time, you can make a swing or trampoline to complete with the combined plastic slide. It can turn your backyard playground into a real one. Children can play this amusement ride with their friends or neighbors. I make sure that your children will love it very much. Last but not least, you can put the combined plastic slide under the shady place, which can make you child feel comfortable when they play at noon. It is necessary to provide a mattress or put the combined plastic slides on the grassy land to ensure the safety.

How Much Are They Cost If  You Buy Kids Outdoor Slides for Sale ?

The price of the kids slide outdoor for sale is different according to its material. Usually, The combined plastic slide is cheaper than the elephant-shaped outdoor slide due to its small size. It will cost $5,250.00 to buy a combined plastic slides. However, the final price mainly depends on your customized service and material selection. Of course, there will be certain discount for you according to your order. We will give you the factory price with high quality product.

elephant-shaped slide amusement ride

For the elephant shaped slide, the body of the slide adopted stainless steel slide, it is expensive than the common one. The stainless steel slide is the only material for the body of the elephant-shaped slide. However, for the climbing net, you can choose different materials, polyester, polyethylene, nylon polyamide, etc. The price of the material varies. As for the combined plastic slide, the material is cheap, the final price mainly depends on your customized service. Last but not least, we would like to give you some advice. Lower price product doesn’t mean high quality, and you should compare the price and the quality when you buy outdoor kids slide. If you want to buy a kids slide outdoor for sale with high quality but competitive price, please feel free to contact us. Or just send a free inquiry.

How about the Materials of the Kids Outdoor Slide  for Sale ?