In Dinis factory, there are different type of 4 person trampoline with bungee for sale. Inflatable 4 in 1 bungee trampoline amusement ride for sale , 4 in 1 Mobile Bungee Trampoline, and 4 person rubber Bungee Jumping Trampoline, etc. These bungee trampolines are not only suitable for children but also for adults. Let you spend as little money as possible to experience the joy of bungee jumping. Besides, 4 person trampoline with bungee for sale is very popular in pedestrian mall, square, amusement park, shopping mall, etc. Especially at night, colorful LED lights are more attractive. It can help you attract more customers, especially children. So it can bring more revenue to your carnival business. In addition, it is also very suitable for those engaged in instant business. Because it is very easy to install and disassemble. What’s more, it is also very convenient to fold. Let you spend less money and get the most profits.

Hot-sale 4 person mobile bungee trampoline in Dinis factory

4 in 1 bungee cord trampoline is very popular at home and abroad. On the one hand, it is affordable for many operators and has high safety performance. On the other hand, it is durable and has a unique shape that will never go out of style. Besides, due to its customizable options, it is very common in backyards. Normally, it covers 10*10*7.5 m. This kind of bungee trampoline is suitable for theme park, amusement park, scenic spots, and outdoor playground. However, if you want to buy bungy trampoline for your indoor carnival business, you should pay attention to your roof height. We recommend that the distance between the floor and the ceiling is at least 5.2 meters. Only in this way, it can ensure the safety of tourists while playing.

Usually, it can bear 100-500 kg at the same time. For mini kids mobile bungee trampoline, its capacity is 100-200kg. However, for bungee trampoline for adults, its max capacity is 500kg. Therefore, before you purchase a trampoline for your carnival business, first identify your trampoline audience, whether children or adults. After this, the manufacturer can produce a suitable trampoline for you.

Following is the technical parameter just for your reference. Generally speaking, our bungee trampoline has strong power, 3 kw. Of course, the final power can be set according to your country’s requirements. The voltage is 220 V, and also adjustable. If you want to know more detailed information about our bungee trampoline, please feel free to contact us or just send a free inquiry.

What can we offer you for 4-in-1 bungee trampoline equipment?

As a source bungee trampoline manufacturer, we can provide you with high-quality services. All of our bungee trampoline equipment is customized to fit the customer’s site! Including but not limited to the size, color, shape, theme, etc. However, if you have no idea, don’t worry. Leave everything to us. All you need to do is provide specific information about your venue, length, width, height, location, etc. And your spending budget. We will give you a perfect solution! In terms of shape, we have round, square, and rectangular, etc. If you have other requirements, for example, add your logo or brand name, all of these will be ok. And we will try our best to satisfy your need.

We provide 24-hour all-weather service in China and timely information service within 48 hours abroad. Besides, if our bungy trampolines carnival ride have any problem during warranty, we will provide free replacement for some non-human made broken spare parts. Usually, our warranty period for bungee trampoline equipment is one year. However, after the warranty period, if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. But if you want to replace parts, you will need to pay. In addition, the point I want to emphasize here is that if you use our 4 in 1 trampoline equipment correctly and maintain normally, it will generally not break down within three years.

After 20 years of development, Dinis has established itself as a leader in Chinese amusement ride industry. It has also earned a solid reputation among our customers at home and abroad. This is all due to the durability and safety of our products. For bungee trampoline, the body material is PVC(500D,503D)fabric. And for Foam pad: we adopt EPE material, closed-cell foam that will not absorb water, mildew or lose shape. For more detailed information, just contact us.

4 person bungee trampoline for sale

How much it will cost to buy 4 person trampoline with bungee for sale?

  • I can’t give you the specific price of the 4-in-1 bungee trampoline because the prices are different for different styles. There is only one price range for your reference. Usually, it will cost $2,000.00 – $4,000.00 per set. However, if you have any customized demand, the price maybe higher than common bungee jumping trampoline. For example, you want yo add more LED lights to attract more customers. Or you want to use high elasticity springs, such as stainless steel springs. All of these factors can influence the final price. However, if you want to cheaper one, we can also customize it for you. Its price is similar to that of air jumping cloud. If you would like more information, contact us.

  • Of course, if you want some cheaper bungee trampoline, we can also offer you, maybe under $2,000.00. But you must clear know that the service life is shorter than others. Usually, it can only use 2-3 years. What’s more, the cost of later maintenance is much higher. Maybe the cost is about equivalent to high quality bungee trampoline. So why not buy bungee jumping trampoline at the beginning.

  • On the other hand, expensive bungee jumping trampoline has long service life, mainly about 5-6 years. During use, it does not fade, does not peel. And also is wear-resistant and sun-resistant, waterproof, and UV-resistant. Moreover, the entire design is novel and fashionable, not outdated, and more attractive.

Why it is recommended that you invest in a bungee trampoline?

Small investment and quick return

You just need to invest between $2,000.00 – $4,000.00. As long as you choose the suitable situation, and 50-120 visitors to experience every day. And each player pay$10, you will return after 20 days. Right? Besides, there was not other maintenance cost for this kind of bungee trampoline. If you have any interest or just want to make a profit analysis chart, please feel free to contact us or just send a free inquiry. And we will respond as quickly as possible. 

Scenic spots bungee jumping trampoline

Widely application for 4 person mobile bungee trampoline

Bungee trampoline is very popular in many places. if you are planning to invest bungee trampoline, and you can consider the following places. 

  • Fairs and Carnivals: Mobile bungee trampolines are popular attractions at local fairs, carnivals, and festivals. They provide an exciting activity for attendees of all ages.
  • Amusement Parks: While permanent installations are common, mobile units can be used in amusement parks during peak seasons or special events to increase the number of attractions temporarily.
  • Fitness and Training: Bungee trampolines can also be used for fitness classes or athletic training, as they provide a low-impact, high-cardio workout that improves balance and strength.
  • Shopping Malls and Public Spaces: To attract more visitors, shopping malls or public spaces might temporarily install mobile bungee trampolines as an attraction.

In addition to the above mentioned places, you can also invest the carnival business in other places.   However, it’s important to ensure that they are operated safely and in accordance with any relevant regulations or safety standards.

Bungee trampoline in the mall