Large electric trackless tourist train for sale is very popular in amusement park, square, theme park, shopping mall, etc. It is not only an amusement equipment, but also a passenger transportation tool in scenic spots, amusement parks. So if you have large amusement park, scenic spots, and other carnival business, you can buy large electric trackless train. It can not only bring more convenience to customers, but also more profit to your business. Besides, due to its large capacity, it not only suitable for children, but also for adults. What’s more, the kind of train is clean and pollution-free. So you can put it as your first choice if you are considering to buy trackless sightseeing train.

Large battery-operated sightseeing train

Popular battery operated 58 seats trackless tourist train for sale

58 seat trackless train is our new product. It is modified and upgraded based on European antique trains. Typically, it contains one locomotive, 2 passenger cabins. Each carriage can accommodate 28 people. Meanwhile, each carriage has 7 rows of seats, and each row can accommodate four people. So there are 56 passenger seats in total. In addition, the locomotive can carry 2 people due to its large spaciousness. Usually, the color of the trackless sightseeing train ride is blue. But it is adjustable according to your needs. Red, blue are the best seller among different colors. Moreover, you should pay more attention to the width of the road due to the large size of the locomotive. Otherwise, it may not be used normally. For standard configuration 58-seater trackless train, the locomotive size is 4150*2200*2400MM, and the size of passenger cabins is 5600*1900*2500MM.

Of course, we can make slightly adjust to satisfy your venue needs. But if the difference is too big, then you need to customize the trackless sightseeing train. Maybe the price will be higher than standard configuration train rides.

More details about the 58 seats trackless tourist train

Different colors trackless train ride
  • Maximum speed 20km/h
  • Maximum driving gradient (full load) ≤7
  • Lithium battery pack 72v250A
  • Motor : Grun 72V 20kw
  • Empty vehicle mass 5200kg (excluding passengers)
  • Floor height 160mm (height above ground)

Other Configurations

Car interior: monitoring system, night view display screen, tour guide amplifier explanation system

Lighting: Install headlights, turn signals, brake lights, warning lights, etc. on the front of the tractor.

Audio system: MP3 player, SD/TF card/USB compatible; digital radio, fully electronically controlled digital tuning, FM radio, 18 preset stations with automatic scanning and storage function; USB/SD dustproof function, adopting car track level flexible keys, 4×50W output power.

Monitoring system: All-vehicle all-round monitoring, all six monitoring can store 168 hours.

Large tourist train ride for sale.

What’s the main material for the large battery tourist trackless train?

For the frond of the train, it is made of fiberglass. It has the characteristics of wear resistant, sunlight resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant.

Body sheet: metal stamping. And full automotive production process.

For  body shell of the cabin: Fully enclosed sheet metal body, sheet metal stamping of parts, full automotive production process

Cabin roof:  Steel frame structure + fiberglass exterior

floor: New aluminum corrugated non-slip flooring

Seats: High-grade simulated leather fabric + high resilience PU/fiberglass seats.

The material that we use are fine material. It can use more longer than other trackless train rides. If you want to know more detailed information, please feel free to contact us by email.

What’s the price for the large trackless sightseeing train?

The price vary mainly depend on your needs. For the standard configuration, the price range is $10,110.00-$19,300.00 just for your reference. If you add or decrease the passenger cabins, that would be greatly influence the price. In addition, your individual needs are the most important factor in determining the price. For example, add some special elements, decorations, logo, etc. In addition, the size is the key factor. The larger the size, the higher the price. However, for your first order, we will give you 10% discount. At the same time, if you have a large order, we can negotiate the price face to face. We also welcomed all walks life to visit our factory in China. And you can compare the quality of our product with others. We’re sure you’ll choose Dinis amusement ride manufacturer.

Electric train rides for sale

Why Dinis amusement ride manufacturer deserve your trust?

Generally speaking, you can consider our factory comprehensively. Besides, we also sell bumper car ride, flying chair, carousel, etc. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us. And we will respond as soon as possible.