Double block amusement rides for Sale, also known as double-track slides, are a type of tube-rail slides . At the same time, they are un-powered amusement projects. The slide way is erected downward from a high place, and the tackle slides on the slideway through the drop to achieve the purpose of playing. Usually, the double-track trolley has two main rails and multiple auxiliary rails. It is a more stable rail trolley. Relatively speaking, it can be regarded as an upgraded version of the monorail trolley. The double-track block is a non-powered block that slides on a pipe-rail track with a designed slope. Tourists can freely control the speed when gliding, allowing tourists to experience the fun of driving while playing.

What’s more, this project is very popular in scenic spots, farms, kids outdoor park, and characteristic towns. It is a new type of entertainment facility that attracts traffic and generates income. Welded by stainless steel, it has multiple pivots to secure the slide to the floor.

The advantages of double-track block compared to other non-powered amusement rides are as follows

Theme park Double Block Amusement Ride for Sale

The pulley will be stuck on the track when it slides. Visitors only need to sit on the pulley to enjoy the fun of high-speed skating. When the speed excel the limited speed, the automatic deceleration device on the skating track will automatically slow down. At the same time, you can control your own speed through manual brake.

Protect vegetation. Double block rail chute, the height of the chute is 1 meter, and there is  a tube (50×2.5) to support it.  And then the ground is equipped with a supporting base, and it can protect the vegetation very well. Better protect the natural environment.

the double-track slide car’s running speed is fast, usually cost a few minutes, a single day in the amount of visitors to play big!

The double-track block has an independent seat belt system, and a seat belt locking device to ensure the safety of the passengers. At the same time, the automatic braking system can slow the trolley at the end of the track. Besides, distance Control is an optional collision avoidance feature for the Twin Track Cart. This safety feature automatically slows down the double track if it gets too close to the roller coaster ahead. And the braking distance greater than 8 meters to ensure the safety of the visitors. Last but not least, the end of the trolley also has a high backrest. The high backrest system provides a safer and more comfortable ride for the passengers. At the same time, the high backrest improves comfort and safety on gradients of up to 60%.

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Scenic Spots Double Block Amusement Ride

How can you get a suitable double track block?

If you want to get a suitable double block amusement rides for sale, we can design it according to your needs, we have a professional design team, we can provide you with free customized service, you just need to tell us where you want to build the double rail skid, such as, amusement park, scenic pot, farms, mountain roads, specialty towns, etc. The mountain road is a very popular location for double-track slides, because it can satisfy the stimulation needs of tourists to the greatest extent. And what is your estimated double rail skid footprint, what color double rail skid you want, and so on a series of your needs, we can customize it for you.


Here are some data you can refer to. You can choose the track length from 500 to 1000 m. The track has many shapes , such as, S-shape, spiral curve, jump section, etc.

According to the customer’s demand, we survey and design the tour route. Station built-in facilities can be customized according to the needs of production, the station includes rain shelter, waiting area, ride area, release area, according to the need to customize the setup of the intelligent system is convenient, perfect, to meet the tourists’ play needs. At the same time, you can freely choose the color (including body and steel frame)

How much it will cost if you invest double track block?

Our price mainly depends on your site areas and the material that you selected. In addition, your customized requirements will directly influence the price. If the site area is larger, the price will be higher, of course, there will be a corresponding discount. Usually, the price per meter is 1500-1600 RMB, just for your reference. We have different materials for your choice, prices vary for different types of materials. But you can rest assured that we will give you the best price.

Double block amusement ride for couples

More details and Materials about the double track block

High-quality track: selected international track material, wear-resistant and durable, stainless steel track, hot-dip galvanized steel structure support, rivets fixed to the ground. Corrosion-resistant, lifelong free upgrades and maintenance.

Main track diameter 76mm×4mm 20# seamless steel pipe

Load capacity: 100kg/ vehicle

Average slope of 28 degrees
Speed of 1.8 m / S.

If you want to know about more details about double block, please contact us without any hesitations.

Why you should buy a double block amusement rides for sale for your park

Double block equipment for parent-child

Four workers can complete the installation and equipment troubleshooting in approximately three days.

the double-track slide car’s running speed is fast,  a single day in the amount of visitors to play big!

the initial investment is relatively lower than other non-powered amusement equipment, and fast payback, double-track car ride does not require too many workers, employing fewer workers, you can save money.

Now more and more young people like to pursue stimulation, double-track car with manual speed function, can maximize to meet the young people on the pursuit of stimulation, both novel and interesting.

low requirements for terrain, and you can build it in many places