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Unpowered swing project-you chase me for sale


The specification is: 3*3*3 m

It can be used in square, amusement park, scenic spots, playground, etc.

The cabin number, color and material selection are available.


Un-powered swing project-you chase me for sale is a kind of unpowered swing amusement equipment like bounce cloud amusement ride.  It is divided into four seats and multiple seats. There are two types of seats: suspended panels and seats. Sitting diagonally, stepping on the ground, and then starting to turn, it looks like four people are chasing me from a distance, but they can’t catch up, so I ask you to chase me. There are ropes at each end of the hanging board that can be grabbed by someone. Safety is guaranteed to a certain extent and people’s balancing ability can be brought into play. In terms of material, it is made of steel frame. If you want to know more detailed information about Un-powered swing project-you chase me for sale, please feel free to contact Dinis.


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