The Alien Spaceship Shaped Stainless Steel Slides for sale is also called the spacecraft slide ride. It is a new type of un-powered equipment with a sci-fi appearance and powerful functions. As you can see, it is a multi-functional combination slide that integrates climbing, slide and small swing. This slide is different from the traditional plastic slides on the market. It is unique in appearance. The transparent and enclosed passage increases the field of view while ensuring the safety of the child. The children traveled up and down here, encouraging each other to slide down and explore the space freely. Its design is inspired by space dreams and is based on a spaceship, bringing the wonderful space journey to you.

Its novel shape, clever design and unique gameplay have been loved by many children. At the same time, the equipment has high appearance. Besides, it is safe and reliable, and has low subsequent maintenance costs. Therefore, many investors are willing to purchase this unpowered amusement equipment for their parks, playgrounds, and scenic spots to increase passenger flow. In addition, many real estate developers are also willing to purchase Alien Spaceship Shaped Stainless Steel Slides for their communities to attract their potential customers. Therefore, it is a low-cost amusement equipment with very good development prospects. You can buy it to start your business.

Specific structure of large-scale outdoor UFO themed slide

Before understanding its specific structure, we need to have a general understanding of its footprint. The dimensions of the Dinis Space UFO slide are usually: 16 meters long, 10 meters wide and 8 meters high. Of course, this size can be adjusted according to your venue size and budget. Usually, the Dinis Spaceship Slide stainless steel slide has three main levels.

The first floor is the ground, equipped with a microphone and a celebrity swing, both of which adopt advanced technology. A microphone can carry your voice from the first floor to the third floor. Make you feel as if you are really in space. Internet celebrity swings are generally white moonlight swings and cradle swings. Both swings can adjust their height according to the weight of the visitor. So you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety. The second floor has a sightseeing corridor and a spiral staircase leading to the third floor.

Kiddie Spaceship Shaped Stainless Steel Slides

You can overlook the entire spaceship slide from the sightseeing corridor and feel the power of future technology. The last level is the interstellar journey. You can choose to take a large spiral slide to slide down to the first level. The moment you slide down, you will feel like you have traveled through a time and space tunnel and arrived in a wonderful interstellar world in an instant. Here, you can enjoy the fun of interstellar roaming and experience unprecedented visual feast and excitement.

Space UFO slide for sale -not only for children but also for adults

The spaceship slide amusement ride is suitable for people of all ages. On the one hand, it satisfies children’s fantasies about space. And on the other hand, it also allows adults to simulate science fiction scenes in space. Therefore, both adults and children can play. In addition, our stainless steel slide can bear a load of 200 kilograms. And so there is no problem for adults to sit on it. Parents and children can happily enjoy parent-child time. What’s more, the spaceship slide can extend people’s stay, enhance parent-child interaction and photo check-in time, thereby attracting target groups and increasing the likelihood of commercial activity.

How can you get a suitable spaceship stainless steel slide?

If you want to get a suitable UFO slide, we can provide you a customized service to satisfy your special needs. In addition, we can also offer free land planning according to your site requirement. You can choose the length of the slide and the size of the UFO slide as well as other your special requirements. For the length of slide, it can’t be too long or to short, otherwise, it will affect the experience of the customers. For the size of the spaceship themed slide, it usually covers 16×10×8m or L16.4xW15.5xH8.4m. Above two dimensions are common in Dinis factory just for your reference. Last but not least, you can freely choose the color as you like.

widely application of the spaceship stainless steel slide

As a safe and profitable amusement ride, many investors choose to buy the stainless steel combined slide cosmic saucer to improve their carnival business. At the same time, it is very common in outdoor occasions, for example, amusement park, outdoor kids park, and residential area. On the one hand, there are a lot of people, and then you will receive a stable source of customers on these  occasions. On the other hand, there will be many children in amusement park and residential area, especially on weekends or after school. Meanwhile, parents will accompany their children to play the slide together. Therefore, you will receive extra income in these two places. To sum up, residential area and amusement park are the best places that you can invest the UFO themed slide.

How much it will cost if you invest Alien Spaceship Shaped Stainless Steel Slides for sale?

Usually, our Space UFO slide amusement ride is cheaper than other company. Here are some advice for you if you want to buy this kind of slide. When you choose the Alien spaceship shaped slide, you should compare the price and the quality of different supplier. And even the production experience of a manufacturer. But you should remember that lower price doesn’t mean high quality. You may be happy that you bought a UFO-themed slide at a low price. However, the future maintenance cost will make you very upset. If you want to get a high quality product with a competitive price, please feel free to contact us. Our Dinis factory is a professional supplier with over 20 years of production and export experience. We will provide you a favorable price with the high quality product. From $2,000 to $9,000 per set , just for your reference. Of course, if you order in bulk, we will give you a discount based on the factory price.