Tree top rainbow trampoline net for sale, and you can also call the the jungle troll nets, tree top nets etc. Usually, it is in the forest with natural trees as a carrier to build a kind of half-empty trampoline project. It is very similar to trampoline rides, but is different from trampoline. It contains more items beyond trampoline. For example, slides, walkways, tunnels, and the tree house made out of wood that children like to explore.

However, you can also built tree top nets in other areas through steel structures. It is a massive network of interactive, interconnected spaces made of taut netting securely fastened between the trees. In addition, Trampoline nets on tree also can offer visitors places to jump, slide, hop and laugh among the trees. And the most important thing is that it can help children to burn off their calories and get some exercise. It is ideal way for children over 5 years old to appreciate nature. At the same time, children aged 3-5 are able to take part in with an accompanying adult.

Go into the magic net, there are colourful ball pits, interactive toys and giant inflatable balls that cast rainbow shadows on the forest floor. You can let the children in the above wantonly roll jumping and playing, happy to play, experience children’s zip line, climbing rope, slide and other fun projects!

The most important thing about the tree top nets is that it has different ways to play, configuring a variety of levels so that participants can feel the novelty and excitement of high altitude movement and experience the thrill of being out of gravity! It combines sport, challenge, adventure and entertainment in one!Jungle. At the same time, the program is green and attractive to the younger generation like bouncing cloud amusement ride. And it can also provide income to the operator.

Why recommend you to invest a tree top rainbow trampoline net for sale for your business?

Trampoline net in forest

Low investment:

Tree top rainbow trampoline net for sale can utilize trees as a support structure, which can save a significant amount of steel cost and keep the overall investment cost relatively low. If suitable trees are not available on site, Dinis manufacturer can also offer pre-build a steel structure to support the project. Dinis company has its own manufacturing factory as well as a steel structure factory to help you keep your investment budget as manageable as possible.

At the time, given the growth of the tree, the tree trampoline adopts an environmentally friendly and green installation method. We use the patented technology of protecting tree panels and suspending outdoor high-strength materials from tree trunks. This technology does not damage the original state of plants, but also effectively protects the normal growth of trees. Meanwhile, the protective net and bottom net are connected and reinforced by steel wire composite rope. Under the protection of the protective net, visitors do not need to wear other safety protection equipment when playing. It is very convenient.

Fast return: large carrying capacity, each square meter can carry more than 600 kg, can be on more than one person at a time (individual weight is less than 120 kg), a national holiday will be able to return to the capital.

Management costs are very low. And you can charge the fee separately and do not require many workers. Due to the high safety performance of the nylon net and the effective safety measures taken by the Dinis, there is generally no need for too many personnel to watch over the site. One staff member can watch over 1,000 square meters.You don’t have to hire to many people, which can cut down on your expenses.

We use nylon mesh. Nylon is highly resistant to chemicals and can withstand outdoor weather conditions.Tree Top Trampoline items manufactured by Dinis are inspected annually for safety to ensure safe use and avoid safety hazards. The overall lifespan of the equipment is approximately 5-6 years, which is relatively longer than other amusement rides.

Tree top trampoline adopts double-layer flame retardant nylon net. Both sides of the trampoline are protected by 3 meters high safety net. The carrying capacity of the single layer is up to 800 kilograms per square meter with strong tensile strength.This means that about 20-30 people can be safely carried on 100 square meters. What’s more, the larger the area, the more the people. When used in combination with other facilities, it can guarantee  the carrying capacity.

Tree top trampolines are one of today’s most popular outdoor outreach programs and also has high returns. Good investment and broad development prospects.

What kind of material ensures the safety of our trampoline net ?

Outdoor durable rope netting are the main material of the tree top nets. And it is a combination of rope netting made of polyethylene and polyester. So we choose the lightweight material for the mesh surface, because outdoor rainy weather happens from time to time.

However, if the mesh surface is not easy to dry. And it will bring a bad experience for the visitors . On the contrary, the lightweight material for the mesh surface can dry about half a day’s time. At the same time, your reception time will be longer and it can enhance your Economic benefits.

Besides, requirements for the trunk diameter of 35 cm or more, the bottom is a wide mesh pocket, double bottom netting, net protection polyester material. The service life of this material is 3-5 years outdoor. Of course, you can choose the single, double or multi-layer according to the conditions of the site.

All participants at Treetop Net are completely surrounded by 3 m high walls of netting for safety reasons.

You can jump and play on the magic net, and enjoy the the magic net.  Jungle magic net light weight bearing capacity is high, each square meter can bear more than 600 kilograms. The ones do not need to worry about their own weight, you can freely play in the magic net. However, if there was no thick enough trees, you can use the steel columns to support. If you have any question, just send a free inquiry

Where can you install tree top rainbow trampoline nets? And how about the price?

There are many places that can install tree nets, amusement park, theme park, scenic spots and forest, etc. Generally, it will save your cost if you have trees as a support. But you can rest assured that there was no harm for the growth of trees. Because we adopt environmentally friendly and green installation method. For specific information, you can see the second part of this article.

The final price depends on your actual needs. Here i can give you only price range, mainly about $20-$58/square meter. If your venue area is large enough, the price will be lower. In our factory, if your site area exceed 100 ㎡, the price for per square meter is $20. However, within 100 square meter, the price will be higher for per square meter.  Besides, another factor that affect price is the selection of the material.  For example, the fine material and ordinary material. However, as a source professional manufacturer & supplier, we can give you the factory price. Besides, if your size is larger, we will give you discount based on the factory price. If you have any question or want to know more detailed information, just send a free inquiry, and we will respond in time.

What age is tree top nets for?

For the safety of children, we recommend that children over the age of three play on the Tree Top Nets. Children under the age of 3 must be accompanied by an adult. It’s also very family friendly. Parents and kids can play together. It can not only improve the relationship between children and adults, but also bring more fun for the whole family. Especially on weekends, the whole family goes to the forest, amusement park, theme park, and so on. It is a good opportunity to bring children to experience nature. If you invest the Tree Top Nets program for your outdoor forest, amusement park, it will bring more customers for your carnival business. If you would like more information, please contact us by email. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Trampoline in the trees

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