Large antique train for amusement parks for sale. As an classic amusement attraction, large antique train is indispensable for amusement parks like Thomas trackless train, square, mall, scenic spots, etc. It is not only children who enjoy this train ride, but adults as well. Besides, it is not only an amusement ride, but also a greater walker especially for amusement parks. If you are a amusement park operator, you can buy large vintage train for your amusement park to attract more customers. However, what size antique train amusement ride is suitable? As a source amusement ride manufacturer, Dinis can recommend you large vintage train in amusement park.

Large antique train rides for sale

Hot-sale 20 seats trackless vintage train sets in theme park

Popular 20 seats antique train ride is the best seller in Dinis factory. Typically, it contains one locomotive, 3 passenger cabins, and one small water and coal compartments. The small water and coal carriages only serve a decorative purpose, just to make the entire train look more realistic. However, this carriage can also accommodate people if you want to. Usually, it can accommodate two children under 5 years old. And each passenger cabin can accommodate 6 people, no matter children or adults.

Of course, if you want to add passenger cabins , that is available. 24/36/42 seats are also available. What’s more, we can also provide free customization service according to your needs, such as , your logo, brand name, and even images. In addition, in order to bring a real experience, we designed simulated chimneys, horns, music, and bells, megaphone, turn lights,  color-changing lights, Gear adjustment, Vacuum tire for the trains. LED lights are indispensable for Dinis antique train attraction. On the one hand, it is gorgeous. On the other hand, you can operate it at night. So it can bring more profit for you.

Technical parameter of the large vintage train ride

  • The locomotive size: 7*1.1*1.95 m
  • Cabin size: 7* W1.1*1.95m
  • Mini turning radius: 3 m(customization)
  • Battery: 12V 150A, 5PCS
  • Voltage: 60 v (Adjustable)
  • power: 2-3 kw
Antique train rides for sale

If you want to know more detailed information, such as, the material, please feel free to contact Dinis.

How much it will cost to buy antique train amusement ride for your amusement park?

There is no specific price for the large antique train rides due to different size. Here I can only give you a price range. Usually it will cost $5,000-$12,600.00 to buy a set of antique amusement park rides. The size, customization requirements, and number of cabins can also affect the final price. However, the decorations will also affect the price. If you are just buying a simple train ride, the cost would be very low. Maybe $5,000.00 per set. On the contrary, the cost of luxury train rides will be higher. But more attractive train can bring more customers for you, and you will get more profit. Besides, you should clearly know that the cost includes not only the train itself, but also the later maintenance. So you can buy a high quality antique train at the beginning. In this way, it can reduce the later maintenance cost. What’s more, the service life is longer. At the same time, it can save your tine, energy, etc.