Bungee Trampoline Amusement Ride for Sale, also called flying bungee jump, bungee jumping trampoline or reverse bungee trampoline, it is so popular at resort hotel, shopping mall,amusement park, square, scenic spot, family entertainment centers. It is suitable for more than 5 years old children and adults. This facility can not only delight the mind, but also exercise children’s courage, increase physical coordination, and integrate entertainment and leisure.

Bungee trampoline ride for children

As a new type of interactive sports amusement facility, bungee jumping with trampoline are popular with people of almost all ages. It also has the characteristics of  fun and safe. In Dinis, our bungee trampoline for sale adopts  high graded materials so that jumpers can jump high in the air safely and comfortably. So if you want to start your own amusement rides business, Dinis cheap bungee trampoline with top quality is good beginning for you.

How does Dinis Bungee Trampoline Amusement Ride for Sale work?

We need to know about the components of bungee trampoline before coming to its the working principles. Usually, bungee trampolines contains trampolines, cords, stainless steel,and some small parts, including harnesses, winches and pulley systems.That’s look them one by one.

Firstly, there are several soft trampolines at the bottom of the bungee trampoline ride, which can protect your safety when you fall down. The quality of the jumping mats and internal springs largely determines the height of your jump. Second, we use strong and secure bungee cords. Two ends of the cords are attached to the steel structure of the trampoline and with a jumper harness respectively. Thirdly, the overall structure of the trampoline is supported by stainless steel columns, ensuring the joy and safety experience of bungee jumping. In addition to these main components, other small components also play an indispensable role in jumping bungee trampolines. If you want to know more about detail information, please feel free to contact us or just send a free inquiry.

The above are its components, below we will introduce how it works.

Firstly, the jumper need to put on the bungee jump safety belt, and the safety belt is a three point style and very comfortable. Then the staff need to hook the jumper onto the hanging elastic rope. And because the rope is connected to a steel rod with a certain height,which ensure the safety of jumpers. At the same time, this allows the jumper to jump higher and higher on the trampoline bed. Of course, before operating, we must ensure that every part of the trampoline is safe and ready for work. In addition, jumpers should pay attention to abnormal situations when playing to protect your own safety.

Top 2 popular sale bungee trampolines in Our store

There are so many different kinds of bungee trampoline amusement ride for Sale in Dinis. Here will introduced you the top 2 bungee trampolines. One is 4 person mobile bungee jumping trampoline, another is 6 person bungee trampoline. Let’s look them one by one.

6 person bungee trampoline ride for sale

The 6-person bungee trampoline is very popular with kids and adults. It is very common in amusement park, funfair, playground, etc. Besides, our bungee jumping trampoline has a very high safety performance and comes with a warranty and certificate, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of the user.

6 person bungy jumping trampoline

In addition, the installation of the device is very quick, taking only about 45 minutes for two people. What’s more,  our company  also produce the belt, which is easy to fix without wear. At the same time, we use German 1000 watt motor , and it is adjustable to adapt the uneven ground conditions (40 centimeters). Each stand contains a set of woven rubber bands and lighting devices, which can ensure the jumpers’ safety and you can use them at night. The 6 person trampoline size is 9 x 9 x 7 m with the following properties


Quick unfolding of the device: 45 minutes is available for 2 people

Our company  produce the straps with the characteristics of quickly fastened and won’t fray.

German brand motors: 1000 watt motors.

Adjustable unevenness of the floor usually with 40 cm

4 person mobile bungee jumping trampoline  for sale

4 person mobile bungee jumping trampoline or 4 bed bungee trampoline, means 4 person can jump at the same time. The mobile bungee jumping trampoline means the whole bungee trampoline is mobile. They are easy to assemble and dissemble. And you can move them freely to attend carnivals, or rent them for birthday parties, amusement park. In addition, you can easily disassemble any part, so  it is very convenient for you to store them at bad weather. From another level, storing in bad weather protects the trampoline’s material from damage and also extends its life.

Meanwhile, the maintenance cost of the portable trampoline is extremely low. Requires little maintenance beyond simple scrubbing. Therefore, you can save much cost. If you have a tight budget but want to start carnival business, you can give priority to this trampoline.  Following is the specific specification for your reference.

Capacity Size Material Steel size Connection Motor Voltage Ropes Trampoline size Jumping height Weight
4 persons 8*8*6 m seamless galvanized steel 6m(L)* 120mm(Dia)*2mm (Thickness ) screw bolts 250w*4 220 V 24pc,3m/pc 3*2m 1.95 m 500kg

What makes our Bungee trampolines so hot?

There is no doubt that our material or production process. We use the best materials to maximize its service life and ensure your maximum benefit. We also adopt folding sewing process, very delicate workmanship. All of these can ensure the long service life of the bungee trampoline. Following is the material for different parts.

We use German 1000 watt motor, the power is more, sound is smaller. And the customer can control the jump smoothly, and game experience is stronger.

PVC(500 D) fabric. The trampoline spring pad material is PVC, which is stronger and also has a better feel than PE, extra large, wraps around the edge of the frame and over the mat, to ensure the springs are covered completely. Inner is 20 mm closed-cell foam which will last longer, not absorb water, lose shape and mildew.

Very strong galvanized steel, inside and outside, the service life of our frame is more than 8 years

It is rubber inside and outside. It has the characteristics of good wear resistance, high elasticity, tear strength and elongation.

Super high strength galvanized Zine plated and heat tempered spring are the tapered design resists stretching,super high strength rustproof .

High quality and durable,adopted the SGS testing.

They feature black trampoline jumping mats made in the USA in a criss-cross weave, fade-resistant, UV-resistance. Using V rings to attach the springs, stronger and transfer the power of the spring better and it has 6 layers of tough stitching to attach the rings to the mat, provides maximum sturdiness, withstands hard jumping and can be used for years.

Detail display of bungee jumping trampoline

The price of bungee jumping trampoline

The price of our bungee trampoline is not fixed, mainly depend on your requirements. Here i can give you a suitable price range, $2,500.00-$4,600. 00 per set. Many factors will influence the final price. Such as, your personalized needs, the selection of material, the size, etc. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us or just send a free inquiry for more detailed information.