Mini pirate ship ride, here we refer to 8/12 seats pirate ship or the customized swinging boat ride. It is a a hit in amusement park, kids playground, and indoor playground. Usually, it contains different themes, green jungle theme, blue ice-theme, and pink candy-themed swing boat, etc. As well as customized theme. Typically, it is especially designed for kids. Due to its unique design and beautiful decoration, it has won wide love among children. Therefore, many amusement park operators like to buy this kind of children’s equipment for their own amusement parks. On the one hand, it is small in size and cheap. On the other hand, there is also a trailer-style small pirate ship for easy transportation. Below is the price range and the factors that influence the price for your reference.

Amusement park mini swinging boat

Generally speaking, the price of pirate ship from source manufacturer is cheaper than from distributors. From the perspective of a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, the mini pirate ship will cost you  $5,300.00-$6,500.00 per set. However, there will have big discounts if you order in bulk. In addition, if you order now, we will give you 50% discount. Following are the factors that influence the price.

Mini pirate ship ride

Some factors that influence the price

Mini pirate ship ride for sale.

All in all, if you are considering to buy small pirate ship ride for your carnival business, please feel free to contact us by email. Or you can send us an inquiry about your requirements, and then we can make a quote for you. Order now and we’ll give you free parts and big discounts. Besides, for Dinis pirate ship ride, we also provide 12 months warranty and lifetime technical support. Know more detailed information, just contact us. And we will reply as soon as possible.