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Panda swing for sale

Capacity: 24 person

Age: over 3 years old children and adults

Operating height: 1.6 m

Covering area: 9.6*8.7*5m

Total power: 8 kw

Driving power: 6 kw





Panda swing is a new type of swing. It was developed by Dinis factory in recent days. It is different from traditional swing rides like A type double swing this new swing mainly depend on electric to run. What’s more, it can accommodate many people at the same time. Under normal circumstances, it can accommodate 24 people. Of course, the number of cabins is adjustable according to actual needs. You can add or delete cabins according to your foot traffic. Usually it is suitable for children over 3 years old and adults due to its height. The operating height is about 1.6m. So it is not suitable for children under 3 years old unless accompanied by adults.

Since it was developed, it has become very popular among customers due to its novel design and gameplay. So it is a hit in amusement park, children’s theme park, scenic spots, playground, etc. Some of our customers even buy it for their children and put it in their backyard. Kids can play it after school or on weekends, and parents and kids can play together on weekends. The only difference between the regular panda swing rides and the backyard panda swing rides is the capacity. The Backyard Panda swing has compact size, usually has 5 cabins and not more than 10 cabins. Otherwise, it is not suitable to be placed in your backyard.

Widely application of panda swing and some parameter

In addition, we have sold hundreds of panda swing rides to fairgrounds, amusement parks, walking streets at home and abroad. 24 Person Panda Swing and 36 Panda Swing and 18 Swing Rides is the most common in these places. Especially at night, it is equipped with LED lights, very colorful and attractive. Although it is powered by electricity, it has strong power. The total power is 8 kw and the driving power is 6 kw. It can run all the time as long as there is electric power. However, if it has been running continuously for 6 hours, you must turn it off just like giraffe swing flying chair.  Otherwise, there was damage for the motor and shorten the service life. Usually, it covers a small footprint mainly: 9.6*8.7*5m.

Of course, we can slightly adjust according to your venue actual situations. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us or just send a free inquiry.


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