Amusement rides pirate ship for sale is very popular in many places. And you can see it in amusement park, theme park, square, and other entertainment venues. Besides, there are different capacity pirate ship for you to choose from. Mini pirate boat ride, medium swing boat, and large swinging ship ride. So you can freely choose based on your site situation and budget. If you are considering to buy pirate ship amusement park ride, look for no more than Dinis. It can provide complete service for you. Besides, Dinis also produce carousel ride, bumper car, kids Ferris wheel, etc. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us by email.

Top 3 popular amusement park pirate ship ride in 2024

Dinis factory has all kinds of pirate ship ride. For example, large swinging boat, small size, etc. Among of them, 40/24 seat pirate ship and mini pirate ship are the most popular one. Following are the specific information about popular pirate ship ride.

Kids pirate ship

40 people luxury pirate ship ride

40 seats viking ship ride is suitable for large amusement park, square, etc. Of course, you can customize the number of the seats. Typically, It is made of high quality FRP&steel material. With long service life and lifetime technical support. In terms of size, its covers an area mainly about:12m*10m. At the same time, it is also equipped with 15 kw power and 380V voltage. Besides, the height of the ride is 10m. So it can bring a different sense of excitement to people who pursue excitement. However, it is only suitable for adults. Children are not allowed to ride unless accompanied by an adult.

40 seats viking boat

24 people pirate ship ride for sale

24 person swinging boat is not only suitable for indoor, but also suitable for outdoor. Because it covers a smaller area mainly about 14m*7m H. So you’d better pay attention to the indoor height. Meanwhile, its running speed can reach 8.3m/s. The overall running height is 6.7 m. What’s more, it is also equipped with 15 kw power and 380V voltage. The body of the pirate ship ride is also made of FRP material. At the same time, there are colorful LED lights.So you can run your business at nights. It will help you attract more customers.

Mini swinging ship ride for sale

Mini pirate ship is especially designed for kids. There are different theme for you to choose from. For example, jungle-theme mini pirate ship, blue ice-theme swinging boat, as well as un-powered swinging boat, etc. Usually, it contains 8-12 seats. Although it is small in version, it can also bring a thrill experience for children. Besides, there are trailer-type carnival pirate ship in Dinis factory. You can transport it from one place to another place. So it is suitable for instant business. You can freely choose as your requirements. In addition, in terms of un-powered viking ship ride, it is a new pirate ship amusement ride. Typically, it is different from traditional swinging ship ride, it mainly depends on human power to run. So you can place it in amusement park, theme park, playground, and even your backyard. Following are the specific parameter of the different mini pirate ship ride.

Capacity Area size Power Voltage Volume warranty Material
8-12 people 6*5 m 4kw 380 v 20GP(6M) 12 months FRP+STEEL 

What’s your budget for Pirate ship theme park ride?

If you want to start a business using pirate ship amusement ride, you should clear know the price of different size pirate ship. Here I can only give you a reasonable price range. For large one, it may cost $17,000.00-$19,000.00 per set. However, for medium size, its price is lower than large size. It may cost $6,700.00 per set. For the smaller one, it may cost you $4,300.00-$6,000.00. These price range is just for your reference. At the same time, there are many factors that affect the price, such as capacity, material, customization requirements, etc. So if you want to know the clear price, you can send us your requirements, and then we can make a quote for you. Of course, we will give you some discounts if you make an order now. In addition, we will give you10% discount for your first order. Know more information, just contact us.

Why is it recommended that you buy Dinis’s  pirate ship equipment?

Generally speaking, Dinis is the best manufacturer in China. If you want to buy pirate ship ride from China, we will give you the best product with the competitive price. We await inquiry from you. Know more information, contact us.