2024 New 16-seat amusement park pink carousel for sale in Dinis. During the National Day in 2023, the Dinis design team created a new carousel. We named it the 16-seat pink carousel. It is very similar to ocean carousel. The design source of this pink carousel is mainly based on the requirements of our customers and the team’s own design and development. It can be said to be a custom-made carousel. After two months of design, production and improvement, it was finally officially put into use on New Year’s Day 2024. It is a hit in children’s playgrounds, parent-child parks, scenic spots, shopping malls, etc.

At the same time, it has also received high popularity from children and adults since its launch. Because it has unique design and attractive appearance. According to our customers’ feedback, the business of this carousel is very good. Here is the detailed information of our pink carousel.

Overall, the pink 16 seats carousel is different from our traditional carousel form. The entire carousel does not use horses as seats, but various animal shapes as seats. The design is very novel, and there are two swan-shaped seats here. Each seat can accommodate 2 children. The large pillar in the middle of the carousel is also equipped with a transparent mirror. It can be used by people who love beauty to organize their appearance. This is something that traditional carousels don’t have. What’s more, it is not only  suitable for children, but also for parent-child, couples, etc.

Technical parameter of 16-seat amusement park pink carousel for sale

Cute animal shapes

16 seats pink merry go round occupies a small footprint, usually 3*5m. Moreover, its height is less than 5m. So it has strong stability. Therefore, it is also very suitable for indoor places, such as indoor playgrounds, shopping malls, etc. Although it occupies a small area, the power is also very strong, with a power of 3kW-7.5kW. For smaller sizes of pink carousels, such as the 12-seat carousel, it is equipped with 3.5 kilowatts of power. The larger the size, the greater the power. In addition, for 16-seater pink carousel, its diameter is 5.5 m. So you can purchase carousel according to your venue area. And we can provide you a free customized service.

The price of 16 seats pink carousel merry go round

The price of 16 seats pink carousel merry go round is $2,200.00-9,300.00 per set. The main price difference is what you demand for on the 16-seater pink carousel. For example, whether to add LED lights, whether to install a music system in the carousel, etc. And what kind of material you choose to make the carousel. Such as, aluminum alloy carousels are relatively expensive, while fiberglass carousels are relatively cheap. Whether to choose high-quality materials or ordinary materials. The price of high-quality materials will be higher. But the service life will be longer and basically no maintenance will be required in the future. The service life of carousels made of ordinary materials is not as long, but the price is relatively low and the subsequent maintenance costs are high. Therefore, you can comprehensively consider the price of the carousel to buy.

All in all, if you have any interest, please feel free to contact Dinis by email. We will give you a big discount if your order is larger. At the same time, we will give you a 10% discount on the first set of pink carousels you purchase.

Why Dinis amusement ride manufacturer are deserve your trust?

  • Source carousel ride manufacturer

    Dinis is a direct manufacturer & supplier in the amusement ride industry. After 20 years of development, it has established itself as a leader in Chinese amusement ride industry. So we have rich production experience and export experience for merry go round.

  • Affordable price and high quality product

    As a source manufacturer, we can give you the factory price without any other fees. Of course, if you have a large order, we can discuss the discount based on the factory price. In addition, you can be assured of the quality of the carousel. All the carousels in our factory are made of high quality FRP material. More durable and also has a long service life.

  • Complete after-sales service

    Dinis offers 12 months warranty and lifetime technical support for all our amusement attractions. During the warranty period, we can freely replace the spare parts. At the same time, if you have any questions, we can solve it as soon as possible. By the way, we have passed national standard certificates, such as CE, ISO, etc. Therefore, you can feel safe to buy merry-go-round equipment from China.