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The un-powered pirate ship for sale

Capacity:8-10 person

Covering area:4 *3 *3.3 m

Age: over 3 years old.



The un-powered pirate ship for sale is the latest product developed by Dinis. It has been loved by parents and children since its development. The design concept is to provide a safe, fun and interactive experience for parent-child. Suitable for children above 1.2 meters. For safety reasons, children under 1.2 meters need to be accompanied by their parents. The equipment covers a small area: 4 *3 *3.3 m, and can usually accommodate 8-10 people.

What’s more, there are four wire ropes surrounding the pirate ship to ensure the safety of the customer.  Particularly loved by parent-child families, what’s more, the parent-child interaction is relatively strong. At the same time, it is a very popular internet celebrity equipment. It  is very common in non-powered amusement parks, squares, theme parks, scenic spots, and farms, etc. So if you want to start a children’s amusement business, it is a good choice. Playing with families can bring more customer traffic to your business.


The most important things is that it is not equipped with electricity and distribution cabinets like carousel amusement ride. So it is easy to manage and install and has the characteristics of safe, low-cost. Besides, it has a small investment and a large return, and is easy to maintain later.

At the same time, its design also takes comfort and safety into consideration. Allowing passengers to experience the excitement while also feeling the unique charm of the pirate ship.

The characteristics of the non-powered pirate ship are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. No external power required: The un-powered pirate ship relies on human power to run as human powered roller coaster. So no external power is needed, which makes it more interactive and participatory.
  2. Innovative design: The design of the unpowered pirate ship adopts a special structure and mechanical device, so that the power of children’s activities on the ship can be converted into driving force. This innovative design makes the unpowered pirate ship highly attractive in amusement parks.
  3. Good appearance: The unpowered pirate ship has a beautifully designed appearance and bright colors, which is very attractive to children. At the same time, its design also meets modern people’s aesthetic needs for outdoor recreational facilities.
  4. High safety: The design of the unpowered pirate ship focuses on safety, and all corners are rounded to ensure the safety of children during play. In addition, it is easy to maintain and manage, reducing operating costs.
  5. Suitable for parent-child interaction: The unpowered pirate ship is an amusement project suitable for the whole family to play together, which can enhance the relationship between parents and children. At the same time, it is also one of the scenic area diversion projects, which can bring more passenger flow to the scenic area.


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