Children inflatable bumper cars for sale is a new type of bumper car ride. It has become more and more popular since it was put into use. Generally, it has the characteristics of easy to transport and operate. What’s more, small in size, cheap in price. They are not only suitable for indoor but also for outdoor places. If you are considering to buy some bumper car ride for your carnival business, please feel free to contact Dinis amusement ride manufacturer.

Category of inflatable bumper cars for children

In Dinis factory, there are many kinds of bumper car ride for you to choose from. For example, family bumper car ride, shark bumper car, large inflatable bumper car, medium and small bumper car, ice inflatable bumper car, etc. But the most popular and best seller is the parent-child bumper car. Here is the specific information of family bumper car.

Family bumper car for sale

For family bumper car, it has two rows sitting side by side. Usually, it has great spaciousness. For the standard size, it covers 180*180*92cm. Of course, it is adjustable according to your needs. Parents and children can play together. It is not only suitable for indoor playground, but also for ice, square, children’s theme park, etc. Typically, it is battery operated with 45AH*2 pieces, Chaowei brand(Chinese famous brand). In addition, battery insulation, professional battery insulation, it is suitable for climates of minus 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you can rest assured to buy this kind of inflatable even in lower temperature. What’s more, this bumper car is also equipped with special anti-skid tires. It can protect your safety when colliding with each other. In addition, it can rotate 360 degrees. And also it is especially popular during the cold winter months. For the speed, it can reach 20km/h. Of course, the speed is also adjustable.

Other configuration information

One button start. When you sit on the Children inflatable bumper cars for sale, it is convenient to operate. You just need to press the start button, it can start immediately. In addition, it is also equipped with music. And you can set the language according to your needs. In addition, timing, forward, backward, shutdown voice reminder, laser battle, speed adjustment are available. Usually, the whole family inflatable bumper car are equipped with 50 groups of LED lights. Of course, the number of LED is adjustable according to your requirements. All of the above are the standard configuration. For more information, please contact us.

Size 180*180*92 cm
Material FRP, Steel & PVC tarpaulin
Processing Car painting
Battery DC 45AH*2 pcs
Speed 0-20km/h
Net weight 150 KG
Power 500 w
Age group 3-12 years old  children and  Adults

The cost for the inflatable bumper car for children

Typically, kids inflatable bumper cars are cheaper than other types of dodgem rides for investors. To be honest, it can only cost no more than $1,500 to buy one for your carnival business. But the final price is mainly affected by the size (large, medium and small), material, transportation method and distance. In addition, your customization service is the main factor affecting the price. Usually, the custom inflatable bumper cars are more expensive than the standard bumper cars in Dinis. And you can customize the size, logo, color and other special elements.

Special features of the inflatable bouncers in Dinis

How about the material for the children inflatable bumper car?

For the body of the inflatable bumper car, we adopt fine FRP material. Usually, we use 6mm thickness FRP material. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistant, non-rusting, abrasion resistant, low temperature resistant. Besides, we put another layer of air film on the fiberglass shell.

Usually it is fiberglass with hardware, and an air film is put on the outside. The fiberglass shell can have many shapes, usually with cartoon characters, such as the Ladybug Bumper Car, which is an air cushion bumper car with the shape of a ladybug.

Following are the specific detail information about our material

  • Seat belt: Special car seat belt. Equipped with CCC certified car seat belts. Effectively protect players’ safety while playing

  • For the anti-collision balloon: It is made of eco-friendly, high-tech, flexible PVC canvas specially used for ships and motorboats. Welded at high temperature with seamless technology, and a layer of 2.5mm anti-collision tape is added to the outer ring to achieve elastic and firm anti-collision functions, allowing players to better experience the dynamics and collision of the car. The body and LED lights are perfectly matched. The backing glue of the LED lights of this car is made of 3M glue, and the outer layer has a protective film, which is waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-falling. The lanterns are advanced in design and come with a control system that can adjust the flashing speed and color change.


    High-end operating lever

    High-end new PE hard plastic shell with built-in gunshot simulation sound, comfortable, round and dynamic feel. If you want to know more detailed information, please feel free to contact us. Or you can tell us your requirements, and then we will give you an estimate price based on your requirements. More information, contact us.

Different colors of bumper car

If you want to know more detailed information, please feel free to contact us. Or you can tell us your requirements, and then we will give you an estimate price based on your requirements. More information, contact us.

How to find a reliable inflatable bumper car manufacturer?

There are many ways to find a reliable bumper car ride manufacturer. For example, you can research online, to attend professional amusement ride exhibition, etc. And following are the standard to select the reliable supplier.