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Swing set amusement ride in amusement park

Outer ring diameter 23 m, inner ring diameter 13 m

You can place it in the center of the un-powered park, funfair, playground, kids park, etc.

Target group: children over 3 years old and adults




Swing set amusement ride in amusement park is a very popular among children and adults. It is very popular in un-powered kids park like air jumping cloud. Usually, it contains two large circles, with swings of different shapes hanging on them, and in the center is a beautiful  cherry tree.  The color of the tree is adjustable. Pink, yellow, red, or other colors are available. Besides, the shape of the swing is various. Crescent-shaped swing and moon-shaped swing is very common. Of course, the shape of the swing can also be customized. In addition, there are 25 swings for each swing set. The size of the swing set is variable mainly depend on your venue area. It is very popular in amusement park, backyard, square, scenic spots, etc. If you have children, you can purchase such swing for your children. And it will bring more fun for your whole family. All swing set amusement ride in amusement park are made of PE material. The perfect polishing process makes the surface of the product smoother, more beautiful and beautiful, and will not scratch children.  If you have any interest, please feel free to contact our Dinis factory or just send a free inquiry.



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