Wacky worm roller coaster for sale is also called fruit worm roller coaster rides, caterpillar roller coaster rides. Its shape is similar with dragon roller coaster, and it belongs to the track-type amusement equipment. The whole design idea of the caterpillar roller coaster comes from the inspiration of worms eating apples. And then combined with the operation mode of the roller coaster, it is finally designed. Its cockpit is the shape of a caterpillar, very cute. The track is also criss-cross, and the caterpillars are running on it. By the way, the main body of the worm roller coaster for sale is a large green worm.

Wacky worm roller coaster amusement rides for sale

Usually, tourists sit in the cockpit and the worm roller coaster travel along winding track with gentle drops with lower speed. With the cute appearance like double Ferris wheel ride, caterpillar roller coasters are increasingly popular among children who love to go to the fairground. Therefore, this amusement ride is one of the best-selling products in Dinis factory and also was sold all over the world.

Besides, the amusement equipment occupies a small area and is suitable for outdoor and indoor venues. Such as amusement parks, playgrounds, kids outdoor park, etc.

Where is the right place to run the wacky worm roller coaster for sale?

If you want to buy wacky worm roller coaster amusement rides for sale to start your own business or entertainment. There is some advice for you.

If you want to start your own business by investing in worm roller coaster amusement rides for sale, it is vital to choose a suitable operation venues. Usually, outdoor and indoor places are two main direction. For outdoor places, the wacky worm roller coaster is suitable for amusement park, theme park, fairground, and so on. Because there are high passenger flow. Therefore, you could get a stable source of customers and to make more money. However, indoor venues are a good choice for investors. You can buy the amusement equipment for shopping mall, shopping center, recreation area, etc. These places are crowded with parents and children during festival and weekend and even after school. Also, you can get a stable income.

In addition, indoor operation for worm roller coaster is available all the year round no matter rain or snow.  And then for entertainment, if you just want to relieve yourself or just buy it for your naughty kids. Hot sale Wacky Worm Backyard Roller Coaster for Kids is the best choice for you. We provide small Homed- used caterpillar roller coaster for children. And there was no noise when you work at home, improve your work efficiency, one move, two gains, right? At the same time, we could modify the size of the cabin according to your needs if you want to enjoy the parent-child happy time in your backyard.

How about the materials of the wacky worm roller coaster for sale? And have any advantages?

The body of the crazy worm roller coaster for sale adopted high quality fiberglass reinforced plastic. It is durable and environmentally friendly, and with the characteristics of good load bearing, strong harness, corrosion resistant, stable, beautiful. This kind of material can greatly prolong the service life of the equipment. Besides, Dinis manufacturer has its own professional spray booth, constant temperature and dust-free environment to ensure smooth and bright surface of the worm roller coaster. We adopt professional car painting, strong and not easy to fade. At the same time, we use famous brand motor, there are two motors in front and behind. We adopt reasonable motor configuration to ensure equipment speed and safety of the type of amusement ride.


Last but not least, there are many high quality spare parts, such as galvanized steel and anti-rust steel frame track. All the materials we use are of international standard, reliable and safe.

Parameter information about amusement park worm roller coaster ride 

In this article, we mainly introduce the 18 person wacky worm roller coaster. Of course, the number of the cabin is adjustable according to your requests. Usually, it covers a small foot print, mainly about 16m *24m. (Customize according to your playground). And there are 5 carriages,  each cabin has two rows of seats, and each rows can hold two person. That is a good choice for parent-child. Besides, the way it operates is very gentle, mainly about 7.5 km/h. What’s more, its max height is 2.5 m. Despite its very gentle operation, it has strong power. It has 5 kw power and 380 v voltage. If you want to know more detailed information, please feel free to contact us by email. 

Area required 16*24 m
Max height 2.5 m
Capacity 18 person
Speed 7 km/h adjustable
Voltage 380 V
Power 5 KW

The price of the caterpillar roller coaster amusement rides

The wacky roller coaster rides in Dinis are cheaper than other companies. For one reason, we are direct manufacturers, so we can save the difference price of the middle man to give profit to customers. For another reason, Dinis aims to sell amusement rides all over the world. Therefore, it is essential to sell our products at a reasonable price and high quality to win good reputation. On the other hand, your specific needs will greatly influence the final price. For example, the length of the track, the number of the cabins, the size of the worm roller coaster, and so on. If the size of the caterpillar roller coaster amusement ride is large, the price will be higher, of course, there will be a corresponding discount for you. And so are the others. But you can assure that you will get a favorable price in Dinis factory. Here is a price range for your reference only $9,000.00-$20,000.00 per set. If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us or just send a free inquiry.

Why is Dinis a reliable supplier of amusement rides in China market?

If you are looking for a reliable worm roller coaster amusement ride manufacturer in Chinese market, look no more than Dinis. It will be your first choice with the following reasons.

We are professional China amusement equipment manufacturer with nearly 20 years production experience. And also were rated as Alibaba Gold Supplier. In addition, each worker in our factory must undergo a rigorous pre-job training before starting work. Supported by a number of excellent R&D personnel and skilled technical workers, our company’s products are well received by all customers at home and abroad and enjoy high popularity.

Including pre-sale free detailed consultation service, medium sale installation and debugging service, and after sale warranty service

Our Dinis supplier has our own factory. We integrate production and sales. Strictly control every step in production. While ensuring the quality, it gives customers the most favorable price and saves the price difference of middlemen. At the same time, for the same product, under the same quality and the same standard, we will give you the best price. However, at the same price, we will provide you with more experienced design, more professional installation guidance and better service. Hence, you can rest assured to buy our caterpillar roller coaster amusement equipment to start your business.

Amusement park wacky worm roller coaster

What age group is the wacky worm Roller Coaster suitable for?

The Wacky Worm Roller Coaster is typically designed for younger children, usually between the ages of 3 to 8 years old, although children slightly older or younger may also enjoy it depending on their size, comfort level with rides, and individual preferences.

This type of roller coaster is often characterized by its gentle, undulating track, colorful and whimsical design, and lower height requirements, making it accessible and enjoyable for younger riders. It’s usually not as fast or intense as roller coasters designed for older children and adults, which makes it more suitable for young kids who may be experiencing their first amusement park ride.

Ultimately, the suitability of the Wacky Worm Roller Coaster for a specific age group depends on factors such as the child’s height, temperament, and comfort with amusement park rides. Always check the ride’s safety requirements and guidelines provided by the amusement park to ensure it’s appropriate for the child in question.