Dry Slide amusement ride for sale here we are referring to the water-less glass slide or downhill slide. It’s very similar to the rainbow slide. The waterless glass slide is a single person project, which allows visitors to wear specific equipment (clothes, gloves, non-slip pads) and rely on the handrails on both sides or feet to brake. Besides, with the help of natural gravity, it slides quickly on the set glass track. And so as to produce a sense of excitement. Here I would like to emphasize one point: anhydrous glass slides can only include two slides in terms of safety, but their angle of inclination generally does not exceed 35 degrees. At the same time, the glass dry slide is also a kind of no passenger tool slide and it is a new type of participatory entertainment project that integrates entertainment and mountain travel in natural tourist attractions.

In addition, dry slide amusement ride for sale adopted polished material. It is scientifically to arrange according to the slop of the mountain. What’s more, it is also a long-distance slide with grooves built by sliding down by gravity. The completion of the glass dry slide provides tourists with another option for going down the mountain besides hiking and cable cars. Also effectively alleviate the pressure of the cable car downstream.

Of course, the more function of the anhydrous glass slide is a means of transportation, which can help tourists go down the mountain quickly and save energy. Therefore, the slide amusement ride is a project suitable for all ages. Given the safety of tourists, we use steel guardrails and glass safety covers to ensure the safety of tourists. Therefore, it is a good downhill transportation tool, just like the super long slide for adults.

5 Reasons to Invest Glass Dry Slide .

The main body width is only 0.9 meters, which is only half the width of the general trails in scenic spots, durable, not easy to damage, easy to maintain, safe and applicable.

It can coil around among trees and flowers without damaging the natural vegetation. Because the main body of the slideway is narrow and generally coils in an S shape, coiling with natural attractions and trees. Besides, there is no destructive equipment

The natural inertia is necessary for dry slide amusement ride for sale. It mainly depends on the natural inertia to glide. There is no mechanical setting. So you don’t have to worry about the potential safety hazard and the pollution of mechanical setting. It is resistant to wind and rain corrosion and has a long service life. It is resistant to wind and rain corrosion and has a long service life.

Glass Dry has designed a protective shed on the main body of the slideway. It can solve the shortcomings of the slideway that cannot slide in rainy and snowy days fundamentally. At the same time, it can avoid the suffering of tourists from the sun and rain. The elderly and young tourists can slow down on their own while sliding to reduce the operating risks. Besides, the sliding slide is completely under the control of the individual. Single person or a pair of people are available relying entirely on natural inertia to slide naturally. You can Control the speed as you like.

As an online celebrity amusement project, the dry slide is very popular among visitors. The number of people who can slide is about several thousand per day, which is highly experiential.

Advantages of Anhydrous Glass Dry Slides Amusement Ride compared to water glass slides

How can You Get a Suitable Water-Free Glass Dry Slide ride?

If you want to get a suitable water-free glass slideway, we can offer customized service according to your needs. At the same time, professional design team can provide you with free customized service. The only thing you need to do is tell us what you want. Which place do you want to build for the glass dry slide, such as, amusement park, scenic pot, resort, etc. Custom service in length, color, and the number of the water-free glass slide are available.

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How about the  Materials of the Dry Slide Amusement Ride for Sale?