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Glass observation decker for sale

Material: High-strength tempered glass, resistant to magnitude 12 earthquakes
Warranty: 10-30 year
Size: 20 * 10*86 m (Customized)
Bearing capacity: 800 kg/㎡
Capacity: 600 people


Glass observation decks, as the name suggests, are built for enjoying the scenery. It is very different from other scenic spots, like magic carpet conveyor.  It is a popular scenic spot project that integrates entertainment, sightseeing, play and challenges. Relying on its own advantages of attracting tourists, and you can see it in scenic spots, amusement parks, etc. Usually, it lies in  an altitude of tens to hundreds of meters above the ground.

Next are some of its specific features.

First of all, tempered glass  is the main material of the aerial glass observation deck . It can  ensure the safety of tourists.

This glass material has excellent impact resistance and remains strong and stable even in the face of strong winds

When walking on the glass observation deck, visitors can safely enjoy the surrounding scenery and feel the fun of walking in the air.

Secondly, the aerial glass observation deck is uniquely designed and has excellent transparency.

The glass observation deck not only provides a wide viewing angle, but also allows visitors to enjoy the outside scenery.

Whether it is the bustling landscape of the city or the magnificent scenery of nature, you can have an unobstructed view.

This immersive viewing experience makes people feel as if they are in the scenery and feel closer to nature.


Besides, the aerial glass observation deck also incorporates some innovative technologies to provide tourists with more entertainment and participation methods.

For example, there are an interactive screen  on the glass observation deck. Visitors can learn about the surrounding attractions, history and culture and other related information through touch or voice commands.

Virtual reality technology can also be used to bring tourists into the virtual world.  And visitors experience different regional characteristics in the virtual landscape.

In addition, the sky glass observation deck also pays attention to environmental protection and sustainable development.

It adopts an energy-saving and environmentally friendly design concept. Using renewable energy such as solar energy for power supply, reducing energy consumption and impact on the environment.

At the same time, the glass observation deck also has seats and rest areas. So visitors can rest and enjoy the pleasant environment.

If you have any interest, please feel free to contact Dinis factory. 


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