Aquatic expansion project is built on top of the waters of the expansion training program. Or we can also understand it this way, aquatic development amusement rides for sale is to move the un-powered expansion project to the water for experience. Common equipment includes Netflix Bridge, fifth ring bridge, water pontoon bridge, foot ring bridge, suspension bridge, couple bridge, etc. Also each item can play a physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, exercise mental and perseverance effect. Therefore, whether it is in scenic spots or some other places, aquatic development projects are more popular in summer. Of course, they can also be used in other seasons. You only need to replace the pool with inflatable cushions, blankets, and ball pools.

Besides, compared with the land project, for example, Thomas train rides, bungee trampoline amusement rides, the water expansion amusement ride has a lot of fun. A great feature of the water expansion project is beautiful, so it can be used as a scenic landscape project, but also as a project to expand training activities, easy to operate; adapted to the nature of human pro-water.

What materials are used for aquatic development rides? And how about the quality?

Main materials used for all aquatic development amusement rides for sale

Different water expansion projects for you to choose from

Which of the following popular amusement rides would you like to add to your water development project?

The Water Burma Bridge contains two iron chains and several wooden squares, spanning the river. Players cross the river, walk from one end to the other, and be careful not to step on the air. Enhance balance ability and physical flexibility and coordination, improve confidence and courage to overcome obstacles, and exercise arm strength

it is compose of track and roller.  So visitors stand in the roller to push the roller forward to reach the other side of the bank. This water development equipment is of medium difficulty. The main test of tourists strong perseverance, improve the courage to face the danger and self-confidence, enhance the courage and perseverance, and cultivate the body’s coordination ability.

Cross bridge, it mainly composed of ropes and planks. Usually, players need to step on the cross-shaped planks across the water, from one end to the other.  In addition, it can enhance visitors’ balance and body coordination and improve their courage to cross the obstacles.

Steel wire ropes on the water, tourists need to hold two steel wire ropes with their hands, and step on a steel wire rope on a steel wire rope at a certain safe height from the water surface (protective nets are on both sides for safety). Tourists stand on the steel wire rope and walk from one end to the other. This amusement project undulates up and down and swings left and right.  However, if you don’t grasp it well, you may fall into the water.  Last but not least, it can not only exercise people’s balance ability, but also improve their ability to adapt to changes

Why do you recommend investing in water development projects?

  1. Rich items, diverse gameplay, and strong fun
  2. The cost of the facility structure is low, the installation is convenient, and the maintenance is simple
  3. Suitable for a wide range of people, safe and interesting
  4. Simple operation and quick payback
  5. There is a lot of passenger flow, and it can be played all year round. Of course, the water expansion project is perfectly adapted to summer, but it can also be used in other seasons, as long as the pool is removed, or replaced with an air cushion or blanket, so the water expansion project can be played all year round.

Wide selection of sites, low requirements for the site: the water expansion project can use an inflatable pool, or it can be built on the site’s own pool, and there is not much restriction on the site.

Which places are suitable for investing in water expansion projects?

Hot-sale aquatic development rides

If your budget is small and you just want to play with your family or friends, then you can build aquatic development amusement rides for Sale on the river and around the pool, which is convenient and cost-effective.

However, if your budget investment is relatively large and you want to make your own business, then you can choose to build these water expansion amusement facilities in some places such as scenic spots, resorts, parks, etc. Because the flow of passengers is large, the income is high, and the benefits are good.

Why choose our aquatic development rides?

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