Magic Carpet Conveyor Belt Ride is very popular in recent years. When it comes to the magic carpet, many friends think of the “Aladdin movie” at first. The “magic carpet”we are talking about here is a conveyor belt visualized by people. Magic carpet, also known as snow conveyor belt and magic carpet in scenic spots, is a transmission device widely used in ski resorts and scenic spots. Different from common amusement rides, such as, Ferris wheel for kids, Christmas train ride, it can reduce the burden on tourists, improve play experience, and create benefits for scenic spots.

Dinis scenic spots magic carpet ride

And also has the characteristics of stable operation, safety and reliability, especially suitable for beginners, children and the elderly etc. Therefore, the magic carpet conveyor belt ride is an ideal personnel conveying equipment in ski resorts and scenic spots. Magic carpets mainly contains two types, one is scenic magic carpets, another is skiing magic carpets. Then we will introduce magic carpets in the scenic below.

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Scenic magic carpet, and you can call it flying magic carpet, colorful ladder, sightseeing magic carpet, climbing magic carpet. It is mainly suitable for areas with a large number of tourists such as scenic spots, outdoor kids park. It is a kind of transportation equipment for sightseeing , and it is also a means of transportation for climbing mountains launched by many scenic spots. The uphill magic carpet can not only move forward slowly, but also sit upside down and move forward slowly. It is equipped with a variety of gears for speed adjustment, no noise, and infrared automatic sensing of passenger riding information, which is very convenient Scenic spot management and operation.

At the same time, its safety performance is high and has good sightseeing experience. Besides, safe and stable during operation, so it is suitable for children (accompanied by adults) and the elderly.

Different from slides, colorful cloud ladders, can not only safely and smoothly transport tourists from the top of the mountain, but also directly transport tourists from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, which can save energy for tourists and avoid crowding during the climbing process. Visitors can enjoy the scenic views that can’t see during the slow ascent.

Scenic sightseeing Carpet Conveyor Belt project advantages over the sightseeing cable car

Scenic magic carpets conveyor belt for kids and adults
The magic carpet this kind of conveyor belt cost is generally lower than the cable car and other means of transportation, and the existence of the magic carpet can also increase the highlights of the scenic area as well as to allow tourists to enjoy the beauty along the way more at ease.
Compared to the traditional cable car, the magic carpet experience is good. In some scenic spots with cable cars, many tourists still choose to walk, because they can see more scenery on foot. If you take the magic carpet, tourists can see more scenery and not be feel tired.
The magic carpet can automatically record the number of tourists, so that the staff can understand the number of tourists on the day.
It can carry 3,000 tourists per hour, so tourists don’t have to worry about queuing.

Top 5 reasons to invest Magic Carpet Conveyor Belt

Firstly: the Flying Magic Carpet can meet the requirements of tourists of different ages and levels. The climate in the alpine area is changeable, and it is sunny and rainy. The elderly and infirm tourists can climb high and look far.

Secondly: the completion of the flying magic carpet can save the physical strength and time of tourists, and improve the reception level of the scenic spot.

Thirdly: Intelligent control, simple operation, convenient management. The magic carpet contains sensors on the top and bottom, which can record the number of tourists, and it will automatically stop when no one is there, start when someone is there, and timeout stagnation and other functions. It is the perfect combination of intelligence and safety!

Fourthly:high safety performance, the carrier device is installed with non-slip guide strips, covering both sides of the blanket belt



Finally: flying Magic Carpet is subject to small influence of climate, and you can run it all year round, providing conditions for tourists to go to the mountain in winter. The overall body has a constant temperature anti-freezing function. Heating device is a necessity for the magic carpet conveyor belt ride. However, the belt is easy to freeze at low temperatures, and we need to turn on the heating function which can make the belt on the ice and snow quickly melt. Only in this way can we ensure that no matter what season the colorful ladder can work normally!

How can you get a suitable Scenic Magic Carpet Conveyor Belt?

If you want to get a suitable scenic magic carpet conveyor belt, we can design it according to your needs. We have a professional design team and can provide you with free customized service, you just need to tell us where you want to build the moving carpet, such as, amusement park, scenic pot, snowboarding, etc.

Customization service is available for the width of the magic carpet , several widths for your reference, from 550mm, 600mm,650mm, 810mm, 950mm and 1250mm. Besides, you can freely choose the roof and the length of the Magic carpet conveyor belt . For the roof of the moving carpet, generally the length of the scenic ladder will be longer than the length of the magic carpet in the ski resort. In addition, you can choose the magic carpet according to the environment of the scenic area to install the two sides of the guardrail or to build the roof. You can choose the color and the size of the moving carpet according to your requirements.

On the one hand, it can be integrated into the scenic spot to attract people, and on the other hand, it is safer. A variety of canopies can also shield tourists from the sun and enhance the experience of tourists. For the length of the Magic Carpet Conveyor Belt in scenic spot, you can customize according to your requirements, 200-600m for your reference.

How much the scenic spot conveyor belt will cost?

Hot-sale magic carpet conveyor belt ride

Our price mainly depends on the length and the material of the conveyor belt that you selected. In addition, your customized requirements will directly influence the price. If the length of the carpet conveyor belt is longer, the price will be higher, of course, there will be a corresponding discount for you. Usually, the price per square meter is $100.00-450.00,just for your reference. We have different materials for your choice, prices vary for different types of materials. But you can rest assured that we will give you the best price.

The good production process of the scenic conveyor belt and our one-stop service are worth your

The overall steel frame of the magic carpet adopts internal and external hot-dip galvanizing process. And it is not easy to rust and anti-corrosion. Giving up the market process of electro -galvanizing and spray painting process. Although zinc plating is a good way to prevent corrosion and oxidation, but the zinc plating layer is very thin. So the zinc plating layer can not do long-term corrosion resistance. And also it is difficult to do inside and outside the galvanized. The advantage of hot-dip galvanizing is that the galvanized layer is thick. Therefore, it is very strong in super-resistant to corrosion and oxidation, high-temperature sun exposure, low-temperature freezing, and aging resistance.

Special toughened glass with transparent are the main material of the magic carpet conveyor belt ride. And it adopts boundless full-view design. Besides, the magic carpet usually use the special steel structure, and the protective fence can be made of transparent and boundless full-view design, or protective net. Let the tourists fully experience the feeling of crossing the forest!

The manufacturer of Dinis has strong strength, reliable quality and service system, and users are more assured. Besides, with a professional site survey, design and planning team in the early stage. And an experienced installation and construction engineer team in the mid-term. As well as an after-sales service team that guarantees operation in the later stage.