How much does a small Ferris wheel cost. This price is not uniform. If you ask different people, you will get different answers. Such as dealers, small Ferris wheel manufacturers, etc. The price of the Ferris wheel sold by the dealer will be higher than the price of the small Ferris wheel sold by the manufacturer. Because the dealer wants to make the difference in price. What’s more, most dealers cannot provide you with professional after-sales service and installation guidance services. If you want to buy a small ferris wheel with high quality and warranty at a cheaper price. You can look for reliable small Ferris wheel manufacturers or source suppliers. For example, the manufacturer of Dinis’s children’s Ferris wheel. There are double-faced Ferris wheel, single side Ferris wheel, etc.

In addition, they will also give you discounts if your order is larger. Especially during some important festivals such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Chinese Spring Festival, New Year’s Day, etc. You can pay more attention to this information.

However, as a source manufacturer, we can’t give you the accurate price in terms of many factors. For example, the size, number of cabins, and the selection of materials. And all of these can influence the final price. On the other hand, customization Ferris wheel is more expensive than common Ferris wheel. Therefore, we can only give you the prices range of mini Ferris wheel. Usually, $4,000.00-9,000.00 per set just for your reference. And the choice of material is a very important factor that affects the price.

And then you can choose the material of the small Ferris wheel according to your budget range.

The main body material of small Ferris wheel

Therefore, only if you tell us your needs, we can quote you based on your needs. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact Dinis amusement equipment manufacturer.