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Exciting scenic glass suspension bridge equipment for sale

Material: Tempered glass, anti-slip

Length: 100-1000m (customized)

Capacity: 800 people

The size of glass: 4.42 meters, 3.01 meters wide, 5 centimeters thick. Made of automotive grade film material, it can bear 4.7 tons per square meter.

Suitable locations: Scenic spots, rivers, valleys, cliffs, between peaks

Drop: ranging from tens to hundreds of meters

Suitable people: Adults over 18, all adventure lovers, photography lovers.


Exciting scenic glass suspension bridge equipment for sale is one of the main projects in the scenic area. It can bring thrilling experience like tube rail slide. And its main function is to view the scenery. Suitable for adventure seekers and photography enthusiasts. Standing a few hundred meters above the ground or above the canyon, you can have an unobstructed view of the scenery below. Satisfy your visual enjoyment. It is not only suitable for watching the scenery, but also brings you an exciting experience. Get your adrenaline pumping. The entire glass suspension bridge is composed of tempered glass and 3D picture glass. When you walk to the glass in the middle of the suspension bridge, the glass will crack and shatter. At this moment you will feel like you are about to fall.

In fact, this is not the case, mainly because this section uses 3D technology, which gives you a stimulating feeling. You can walk with confidence. The load-bearing capacity of tempered glass is very strong and the safety factor is very high. The load-bearing capacity per square meter can reach 4.7 tons. And you can freely choose the length of the entire glass suspension bridge , usually ranging from 100-1000m. we can design glass suspension bridge according to the layout of your scenic spot. Dinis professional team of engineers creates customized services for you. Here is some detailed information


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