Carousel amusement ride, also known as merry go round, is a classic amusement park ride consisting of circular platform with seats for riders. Typically, these seats are often in the form of wooden horses or other animals mounted on posts. Therefore, kids and adults love them. But for many of us, we know little about how it works. In this article, I will clearly explain how does a carousel carnival ride work?

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Components of the carousel attraction

Before we know how does it work, we should clearly know its components.

Typically, merry go round rides contain platform,center pole, poles, Canopy,  motor, Drive Mechanism, animal seats, etc.

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How does a carousel attraction work?

  • First, there is a motor or electric motor at the center of the carousel, which powers the entire carousel. And then these dynamics are transferred to various parts of the carousel. Specifically, power is transferred to the carousel’s substructure, known as the chassis. There are many drive shafts on the chassis connected to the superstructure, which transmit power to various parts in the superstructure.

  • When the motor or electric motor starts to turn, the chassis also starts to rotate. At the same time, various parts of the superstructure also began to rotate. These sections usually include various animals seats, vehicles, and other decorative objects that form a beautiful pattern when rotated.

  • In addition, the rotation of the carousel is also affected by a key factor, which is gravity. When the carousel starts turning, gravity can greatly influence the decorations. However, since the carousel rotates around a central axis, gravity does not cause the decorations to fall down. Instead, gravity keeps the ornament stable as it rotates

  • In general, the rotation principle of the carousel is to provide power through a motor or electric motor. And the power is transmitted to various parts of the superstructure through a transmission shaft. So that it remains stable under the action of gravity and forms beautiful patterns. Although this principle seems simple, it can bring people endless fun and memories

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