Pink carousel ride for sale in Dinis is our new product. As other carnival carousel, pink carousel amusement attraction is very popular in amusement park, square, theme park, etc. However, it is very different from traditional merry go round carousel. On the one hand, its overall design is relatively novel like ocean carousel kiddie ride, and the color of the entire carousel is pink. On the other hand, its seat design is quite special, with animal shapes as seats. Therefore, the whole design is very dreamy. Not only suitable for children of all ages, but also suitable for couples and adults. If you buy such pink carousel ride for sale for your carnival business, it will bring more foot traffic for your business. At the same time, you can get more profit.

Where to buy carnival rides pink carousel ?

There are many ways to buy a suitable pink carousel amusement ride. For example, contacting carousel manufacturers, searching online, and attending amusement industry trade shows, etc. But contacting the manufacturer of the ride is the most reliable among them. For one thing, they can offer you the cheapest price than distributors. For another, there is warranty for you and complete after-sale service. If you have any question, they can help you solve it as quickly as possible. In addition, you can put pink carousel ride for sale in Dinis  as your first choice when you select direct manufacturer.

Details for pink merry go round

The reasons why Dinis amusement ride manufacturer deserves your trust

Pink merry go round in amusement park

What is the best price can we offer for the pink carousel?

As a source supplier, we can offer you the cheapest price. However, we can’t give you the specific price due to different size of the carousel. Here I can only give you a price range for reference only. It mainly costs $ 9,300.00- $30,000.00 per set.

As we all know, the larger the size, the higher the price. Of course, we will give you 10% discount for your first order from our factory. Moreover, if your order is larger, we can negotiate the discount face to face.Besides, in terms of size, there are 12/16/24 /36 seats, you can freely choose according to your site area. Typically, it is available to put 12/16 seats pink merry go round in indoor playground. However, the 24/36 seater is more suitable for the amusement park, the square, the scenic spots, etc.


If you have no idea what kind of pink carousel ride is right for your venue, please feel free to contact us. And then we will give you detailed instruction.

On the other hand, if you customize the carousel with unique style, that would be more expensive. For one thing, it takes more time to produce than standard pink carousel ride. So the cost of labor and material resources will increase. For another, it will take more time to design and research. Generally speaking, the customized carousel is more expensive than ordinary pink carousel.

Hot-sale 16 seats mini pink carousel ride

16 seats pink carousel was developed by Dinis factory in recent 2 months. Its inspiration comes from our clients. Originally, our customers want to buy a set pink carousel, just the seats are pink. After constant communication with customers, we finally decided to produce this kind of pink carousel. In addition, we also add different elements for this merry go round. For example, we added a few mirrors to the columns in the middle of the carousel in order to attract more customers. What’s more, the entire carousel are made of FRP material.  And the entire seat is in the shape of cute animals, replacing the traditional carriage with two white swans. The whole carousel looks very small and cute. At the same time, when the device is started, the carousel will automatically play music. Moreover, the language of the music can be set according to different countries.

Usually, its diameter is 5.5m-8.5m. So if you want to start indoor carousel business, you should pay more attention to the width of your room. Besides, the height of the carousel is mainly about 7.5 m. Of course, it is adjustable according to the height of the ceiling. Meanwhile, it has strong power with 7.5 kw. And you can also freely adjust the operate time. Typically, the factory designed running time is 3 minutes per cycle. In terms of voltage, it is 380 V. If this voltage exceeds the standard required by your country, we can set it according to the standard required by your country.

Who is suitable for riding the pink horse carousel?

Pink carousel ride for sale in Dinis factory is suitable for all ages of people. It has a large load-bearing capacity usually 500kg. So it is not only suitable for parent-child, but also for couple, adults, etc. However, children under three years old need to be accompanied by their parents. What’s more, elderly people over 60 years old need to be accompanied by family. If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.