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Exciting internet celebrity bridge equipment for sale

Parameter information:

Type: wooden bridge and glass bridge.

Wooden plank bridge size: 1.2m wide, composed of two wooden planks, each piece is 120cm*13.5cm*5cm and 30cm apart. It is made of Scotch pine anti-corrosion wooden planks.

Exciting internet celebrity bridge Glass Bridge: 1 meter wide, the glass is made of 8+8 double-layer laminated glass with specifications of 100cm*40cm*0.8cm+0.8cm. The glass can be customized in color, 3D, super white, plain white, etc. The lengths of the two materials can be customized according to site conditions.

The overall length : 100-300m can be customized

Applicable people: 6 years old and above

Suitable places: Scenic spots, amusement parks, research bases. Forest Park. Water, canyon, valley.

Material: Anticorrosive wood, glass, steel wire


The exciting internet celebrity bridge for sale is also called “heart pounding step by step bridge”. The internet celebrity bridge project is usually built above the canyon river like high altitude bike adventure equipment. The distance between the two wooden boards is 30 centimeters. Under the guidance of the safety rope, tourists need to stride across, with dozens of people under their feet. In a valley that is 100 meters deep, you can feel the bridge shaking with every step you take, which is shocking and tests your psychological quality.

More details about Exciting internet celebrity bridge equipment for sale

It consists of two colorful glass bridges and a wooden pedal bridge, with a length of about 100 meters. The entire bridge consists of two suspension bridges, which are suspended in the air and pulled by two solid steel wires. The imported rainbow suspension bridge deck is paved with colored anti-corrosion wood.

After reaching the cliff on the other side, it returns from another glass suspension bridge paved with transparent tempered glass. The most exciting thing is that the suspension bridge is not connected step by step in the whole process. And it will test your courage very much. But tourists will wear safety belts when walking on it. In addition, this project is mostly built above canyons and rivers. It is usually suspended at an altitude of 150 meters and can also be set up according to the area of your site.

Therefore, Exciting internet celebrity bridge Bridge is not only an exciting amusement project, but also a way to test courage and wisdom. It requires you to overcome your fears and challenge your limits. This experience will make you more confident and brave, and it can also exercise your psychological quality and balance ability. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact Dinis or just send a free inquiry.


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