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Cliff swing for sale

Suitable people: 18-48 years old

Weight: 40kg-85kg

Height Requirements: 1.5m -1.85m

Types of swings: single swing, double swing, multi-person swing

Swing length: 18m, 21m or customized

Drop: ranging from tens to hundreds of meters.

Suitable venue: Adventure park, scenic spots, theme park, etc.



Cliff swing for sale is an extreme thrilling project on the edge of a cliff. It is different from panda wing. Its height can range from a few meters to more than ten meters. Usually, it can be designed as a single, double or multi-person swing according to different needs. Therefore, it can meet the needs of couples and family travel. Normally, the seat of the swing is pulled to the inside of the cliff by an electric magnet to a height of 5 stories. Then the suction iron suddenly released, and the long swing instantly swung out of the cliff. Giving people a thrilling feeling.

The structure of cliff swing

In addition, regarding the structure of the swing, the cliff swing is a portal bracket supported by six steel pipes. The steel pipes are firmly fixed in the cliff to prevent the portal bracket from shifting. Tourists must put on the wire suit before riding. The wire suit has a rope tied to the railing next to it to avoid the risk of falling off the cliff when passengers step forward to ride the swing.

Furthermore, it also provides a series of safety protection equipment. Helmets, safety belts, safety hooks, and safety ropes are all linked to the swing to form a multiple protection system. The most important thing is that there are four lengths of cliff swing cables to choose from, namely 4 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters, and 20 meters. Dinis can also provide free customized service.  If you are a beginner and want to try it but are not brave enough, you can choose 4 meters to experience it. One handful is pretty good. But if you are an experienced person, 20 meters is already considered the maximum length. It truly allows you to experience the feeling of “people flying in front and souls chasing behind”, which greatly increases the tourist experience.

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