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Hot-sale net mangrove ride in Dinis

Coverage area:6 m

Running height:1.5 m

The number of swing: 6 or customized


Internet celebrity rotating tree, also called wishing tree and swing tree, is a new type of Internet celebrity rotating swing tree amusement project.

Designed after the operating mode of a rotating flying chair, it adopts a highly safe metal frame. In appearance, it is made of various shapes and colors such as simulated pink cherry blossoms, red maple leaves, green banyan trees, yellow ginkgo, etc. All  this is very ornamental. In order to make the effect more realistic, the tree trunk is usually matched with a simulated tree trunk that is very close to the real thing. The cockpit uses a very popular wicker chair hanging basket, which is designed according to the human body structure and provides sufficient support to the lower back and spine. It is like being in a warm embrace, allowing you to release stress to your heart’s content.


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