How much do giraffe flying chair rides cost? When it comes to flying chairs, all of us are familiar with it. But few people know about the Giraffe Flying Chair. As the name reveals,it is based on a giraffe theme.  Above each flying chair is a naive giraffe, surrounded by colorful flowers and colorful lights. And it is also similar to watermelon flying chair.  Generally speaking, it is specially designed for children aged 5-12 years old. Children under 5 years old need to be accompanied by their parents. Besides, the speed and height of the flying chair is adjustable with buttons. And also it is widely welcomed by children and parents. Therefore, many amusement business investors want to buy such a children’s amusement equipment for their own amusement parks, square, theme parks, and scenic spots.

Outdoor kids flying chair ride

But many of them don’t understand the current situation of the amusement industry. So in this article, I will explain the price of Giraffe Flying Chair as a professional amusement equipment manufacturer. At the same time, we are a reputable factory in China. Our name is Dinis

As a source manufacturer, we know about the price clearly, and some factors affect the price. If you want to ask me the specific price, i can’t give you the answer. Unless we know your needs, such as size, number of cabins, etc. Then I can give you an approximate price for this giraffe flying chair based on your needs. Without this information, I can only give you a price range for each set of Giraffe Flying Chairs.  And tell you the factors that affect the price. The price range is also for your reference only. To get specific prices, please send us a free email and we will send you the latest prices.

The regular price of the Giraffe Flying Chair is $7,500.00-$9,500.00 per set just for your reference. And the main factors that influence these prices are the size and choice of materials of the Giraffe Flying Chair. Let’s look them one by one

All in all, the price of giraffe flying chair rides mainly depend on your need. Only you tell us your actual needs, we can give you the exact price. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.