Kids Thomas trackless train rides for sale , as the name suggests, does not need to lay tracks. Thomas trains have become more and more popular among kids because of Thomas and his friends series. Therefore, Thomas trackless train rides are hot-selling for a long time in different occasions, such as theme park, fairground and scenic spots, etc.

However, compared with Christmas rail trains ride, kiddie Thomas trackless sightseeing train for sale has the characteristics of short manufacturing cycle, low manufacturing cost, and small geographical restrictions. Interested in it, right? And then next we will learn more about the Thomas trackless tourist train for kids. Kids Thomas trackless sightseeing train consists of a locomotive and passenger cars. And it can accommodate different numbers of people depending on its size. So it is very popular with both children and adults as party train.

Besides, there is no special requirement for the site, but on a flat floor. Therefore, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor places such as amusement park, fairground, theme parks, shopping mall, scenic spots, playgrounds, etc. Dinis supplies different kinds of Thomas trackless tourist train with various styles for investors. Including but not limited to trackless Thomas train rides for sale as well as electric powered Thomas train and Steam Thomas train.

Popular kids Thomas trackless train rides in Dinis factory

In Dinis factory, there are all kinds of Thomas Train for your reference. Tracked and trackless Thomas amusement train rides. For Thomas trackless train, you can choose different size, large, medium and small are available. Following are the specific information about the kids trackless train rides. And you can choose according to your site area. For large amusement park, you can buy large scale trackless Thomas train ride. However, if you have indoor carnival business, medium size children Thomas train is the best one.

What size Thomas trackless train can we provide?

According to the passenger capacity, the kids Thomas trackless train rides for sale can be divided into large, medium, and small Thomas trackless train in our company. And you can choose according to your actual needs. Besides, we can offer specialized customized service to satisfy your requirements.

Large Thomas track-free trains for kids use a battery pack for power supply, 12 batteries with 6V and 200A which is quite durable. Usually, it includes one locomotive and two carriage. And the size of the locomotive and carriage are 4×1.6×2.2m and 4×1.8×2.5m respectively. And then each carriage can accommodate 20 person, the overall capacity of the large Thomas trackless train can carry 40 person. Besides, It has strong power with 15kw and can keep running for 8 to 10 hours mainly depend on the traffic usage. Therefore, it is very suitable for amusement park, shopping mall, scenic spots, and other places with high passenger flow.

Medium Thomas trackless train is a main product in our Dinis factory. The difference between it and large one is the passenger capacity and the size. Normally, medium Thomas trackless train can carry 24 person with 5 kw power. It has the same battery capacity as the large Thomas trackless train. However, the size of the locomotive and cabin is smaller than large one. And the locomotive size is 3.3*1.3*2.2m, and the cabin size is 2.95*1.34*2.2m. It also includes one locomotive and 4 carriages. They can accommodate 24 passengers. It can be driven by battery or fuel just according to your requirements. If you want to buy a medium Thomas train in mountain attractions, steam Thomas trackless trains is a better choice.  Because it has strong power with 15 kw.

Children are often drawn to novelty. Without exception, kids always are interested in Thomas trackless trains due to their realistic appearance.

Usually, trackless train will install music system. Therefore, it can play various lovely songs that loved by children. Just imagine whether Thomas trackless train playing children’s music will attract children’s attention, you already have the answer in your mind, right? Hence, small Thomas trackless train is good choice to start your business no matter in amusement park or other places. Last but not least, the size and the passenger capacity. Under normal circumstances, small Thomas trackless can carry 12-20 passengers. And then about the size , the locomotive size is 2.3ml*1.15mw*2.7mh and cabin size is 2.1ml*1.2mW*2.7mH. At the same time, parents could accompany their kids to play the Thomas train together to enhance parent-child interaction. A huge business opportunity is right in front of you, act now!

Dinis supplier-A reliable kids Thomas trackless trains manufacturer

If you are looking for high-quality  kids Thomas trackless sightseeing train rides for sale to start your own business at an affordable price. Look no further than Dinis Thomas trackless sightseeing trains. Our Thomas trackless sightseeing trains are the preferred choice for many investors because of their unparalleled performance and quality. Also, we Dinis source manufacturer will be your first choice with the following reasons.

We have produced thousands of Thomas trackless trains and have rich production experience. It is no exaggeration to say that we can accurately grasp each production process. In addition, each worker must undergo a rigorous pre-job training before starting work. At present, there are about 100 professional technicians and more than ten engineers in Dinis. A strong team can produce better products. Therefore,we are more worthy of your trust.

We can offer you kids Thomas trackless tourist trains for sale with factory price and high quality. Our Dinis company has its own factory. While ensuring the quality, it gives customers the most favorable price and saves the price difference of middlemen, and gives profits to customers. At the same time, for the same product, under the same quality and the same standard, we will give you the best price. For example, the same FRP material. Our price will be lower than others because we aim to win a reputable. However, at the same price, we will provide you with more experienced design, more professional installation guidance and better service. The most important thing is that we strictly control every step of production to ensure the reliability of quality. Therefore, We have passed the national qualification certificate, including CE, ISO, 3A enterprise credit rating certificate, etc.

Dinis supplier can provide unique individual needs and customized service. Our professional design team can plan for you freely according to your site situation, capital investment, etc. Additionally, we have always adhered to the innovation philosophy to satisfy the diversified needs of our customers. Therefore, the style of our trackless train is more novel and the appearance is more attractive. That is the reason why our Thomas trackless tourist trains are so popular with customers.

Customized service of Thomas trackless train

How much will it cost to buy a Thomas Trackless Train?

In Dinis factory, the entire Thomas the Tank Engine trackless train ride includes one locomotive and three passenger cars. And each car can seat 4 people. For the standard size Thomas Train ride, it takes at least $6,000.00 to produce. So your budget for buying a small Thomas Train should be more than $6,000.00. Right? However, there are different types of Thomas trains. Some are cheaper and some are more expensive.  Here I can give you a price range from $5,500.00-$20,000.00. So you can buy the appropriate Thomas trackless train according to your budget. If you want to know the detailed information of a certain price train, contact us by email or Whatsapp and tell us your budget. We will send you Thomas Train amusement ride detailed information corresponding to your budget

The maintenance of kids trackless Thomas train

  • Cleaning:

    You need to regularly clean the train body and train wheels. Otherwise, it will accumulate dust and dirt, which can affect the train’s performance.

  • Battery Care:

    If your Thomas train is battery-powered, you need to maintain the battery regularly. Besides, you cannot keep the battery in a state of loss, charge it in time when the battery is almost exhausted.
    What’s more, to prevent corrosion, always remove them if the train will not be used for an extended period of time.

  • Storage:

    In order to prolong the service life,  you had better store the train set in a cool, dry place. Not place them in a extreme temperatures.

  • Inspect Regularly:

    Check the train and tires for any signs of wear or damage.
    Inspect the connectors and wiring to ensure they are secure and not frayed.