Pirate ship is also known as swinging boat, swinging ship ride, etc. You can see it in kids playground, theme park, shopping mall, etc. However, the price of pirate ship significantly varies depending on many factors. For example, material, size, customize service, etc. Besides, different purchasing channels have different prices. For example, if you buy mini Ferris wheel from distributors, the price will be higher than source pirate ship manufacturer. What’s more, direct pirate ship manufacturer can also provide complete after-sale service for you. Therefore, you can rest assure the quality of the pirate ship. Following we will explain the price of the pirate ship from source amusement ride manufacturer.

swinging ship carnival ride in Dinis

3 factors that influence the price of the pirate boat ride

Usually, there are 3 factors that influence the price. Size, customized service, and material. Besides, there are also other factors that influence the final price. Shipping cost, maintenance cost, etc. So you had better buy high quality pirate ship ride. For example, FRP  and stainless steel material, etc.


For different size pirate ship ride, there are different price. Here we can only give you a price range for different size. If you would like to know the exact price, you can send us your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

Customized pirate boat ride

Medium pirate swing ride

Typically, customized pirate ship ride is more expensive than other carnival ride pirate ships. Because it takes up more time and energy, consumes more manpower, material resources and financial resources. So the price will be high. But customized swinging boat will be unique, it can help you attract more customers. You can customize the material, size, color, and any other elements as your requirements.

Other factors that influence the price of viking ship ride

In addition, there are other factors that influence the price of the pirate ship ride. For example, the manufacturer’s reputation, transportation costs, and your subsequent maintenance costs. If you want to buy high quality and low price pirate ship ride, you had better choose reliable manufacturer. For example, Dinis amusement ride supplier. It can provide high quality product for you. In this way, it can save your later maintenance cost.

However, if you don’t have enough money, you can also contact Dinis amusement ride manufacturer. And we can customize the pirate ship for you according to your budget. If you want to know more pirate ship ride information, please feel free to contact us by email. And we will reply as soon as possible.

Mini pirate ship ride