Can you customize the bumper car?

In recent days,  there are frequently asked questions about bumper car. Yes, my dear friends. You can customize the bumper car according to your needs. Usually, customization dodgem rides have unique design. And it can also add new look for your carnival business. But the price may be higher than common bumper car.

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How long is the production cycle of bumper cars?

The production cycle varies depend on the manufacturer. Generally, it may take 9-12 days to produce the bumping cars. In addition, it also was influenced by the bumper car style and the number also influence the production cycle. By the way, the customized bumper car take more time to produce. For more detailed information, you can contact professional amusement ride manufacturer. In addition, the production of the material also influence the price. For example, the FRP material production may take more long time.

How long does it take to install the bumper car?

For different style bumper car, it will take different time to install. For the battery operated bumper car, it takes almost no time to install. However, the floor grid bumper cars and ceiling grid bumper cars need more time. It can take 15-20 days to install. The installation for the electrical system usually takes more time. In addition, the time varies depending on the team of builders.

How do we package the bumper car?

Usually, we will package our bumper car with plastic wrap to protect the body and machinery. However, we can also pack them inside a box in terms of shipping ways. Or we can also package according to your needs. If you want to know more frequently asked questions about bumper car, please feel free to contact Dinis.

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