Un-powered kids amusement parks solutions is very similar to common park planning. The only difference is that there are many non-powered rides than mechanical rides. The whole park is based on parent-child interaction. It is suitable for 3-12 kids. And you can build it in scenic spots, farm, etc. It is very popular in Chinese amusement industry. The overall park design and planning according to your venue area, and then you freely choose rides. Finally, our Dinis manufacturer will draw CAD drawings.

The entire design process of un-powered kids amusement park

There are three main process for the whole design.

Popular amusement equipment in un-powered park

Snow dry rainbow slide

Snow dry rainbow slide for sale

“Slide the world”, as the name suggest, it consists of several number of slides. You can choose plastic slide or stainless steel slide, etc. Below the slide is a pink sandpit. Overall, it has a nice appearance and occupies a smaller area. Generally located in the middle of the un-powered playground. What’s more, there was no limited for the region, temperature, seasons.


Skywalk amusement ride for sale.

Skywalk amusement ride for sale.

The skywalk is very similar to outdoor training, and it offers an opportunity for kids to clime the peak. It is very popular among children in recent years. Besides, Children’s courage and perseverance can be exercised during the climbing process. After constant design updates, it is more attractive and can carry more and more people.

Parent powered roller coaster for sale

It is a typical parent-child amusement ride. It mainly relies on parents to pedal bicycles to operate the equipment, while children sit in the cockpit and rise from the lowest point to the highest point. If you want to reach the top quickly, you need your parents to speed up. So it can bring more fun for the kids. But workout for the father. Happiness for the whole family, priceless!