Glass bottomed water slide for sale, also called aerial glass rafting, is currently a hot water ride within the scenic spots, playgrounds, mountains and some other places. Different from dry slides, it combines stimulation and entertainment in one, and is also a Internet celebrity equipment that many young people like now. Very different from mechanical service, like Ferris wheel. Glass water slide is based on the experience of large-scale ecological rafting design optimization and upgrading. You can build the rafting trough according to the terrain, which not controlled by water resources. As long as the depth of water in the tank can be 20 centimeters, The water flows down the rafting tank with controllable speed, safe and reliable.

Glass water slide in the design is to allow visitors to take a rubber boat, with “s” and c-shaped bends and gentle slope of the groove, along the winding glass water slide slide downstream, through the jungle, over the treetops, feel the cool and exciting. In addition, the glass water slide can increase the experience of tourists, which is conducive to the drainage of scenic spots and public praise. The glass water slide uses the characteristics of glass material to be transparent throughout, so that tourists can enjoy the natural landscape along the way while experiencing sensory stimulation.

How does the fiber glass water slide work?

Before we can understand how it works, we need to understand the components of a glass bottomed water slide for sale first. There are 5 main parts when building and installing water glass slides. They are the main body of the slide, the upper station, the lower station. The return to the boat and the return to the water are the last two parts. One of them is indispensable, they all are the necessary conditions for the completion of the slide.

Then about the principle of work: the glass water slide project mainly relies on gravity to slide naturally. Water slide as the name suggests is the need to use water resources. pump the water to the starting point first with a pump. Generally, the platform will have a reservoir that is sufficient for one hour of water. Of course, the bigger the better. Generally speaking, it needs 450 to 500 cubic meters of water per hour, and the water is recycled. During the rafting process, the boat goes down the current, and the water will flow into the pool at the next station, and so it goes back and forth.

Two types of glass slides to choose from

Prefabricated water slides and traditional water slides. There are several differences between the assembled glass water slide and the traditional glass water slide

Assembled water slide materials are better and more standard than traditional water slides. The curved glass of the assembled water slide is more expensive than ordinary glass, but it can reduce the impact of shock and be safer. The performance of the all aspects are stronger than the traditional one. It uses curved glass at the corner, which is more expensive than ordinary glass. In addition, its accessories, machining, and overall material costs are also higher than traditional ones. However, the overall cost is basically the same as traditional ones. Because the product itself costs more money. Last but not least, because of the workload of two welders in traditional water slides, now in the assembled glass water slides just need one worker. So it can save half time which can reduce a lot of costs in terms of manpower.

Traditional glass water slides will take a long time to build, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and not flexible enough. Additionally,the traditional glass water slide construction needs to make the foundation first, and then make the columns, finally produce the glass. The completion of the glass installation means the entire project is over.

The spliced water slide can effectively save time and cost. Design and construction are two-pronged. Produces steel structures and glass simultaneously. It not only saves time and effort, but also saves some labor costs for installation. In terms of time, you can produce the part of the assembled water slide in advance. In this way, the construction speed will be quicker, which can save a lot of time. The construction time is much shorter than that of traditional water skiing, which saves manpower and material resources, and can quickly complete the project and quickly return funds from business. Now this kind of assembled water slide only needs the pre-measurement and calculation drawings, and then the workers start construction and the factory processes the columns and glass at the same time. There is no order, which saves time and cost.

Assembled glass water slides are safer, and the production process is all digital. The production and design of assembled glass-laden slides comply with national standards. In terms of turning radius, slope design, part connection, glass size, etc. The design is reasonable.

We can connect all bolts on site to increase construction efficiency. And the assembled glass slide is not like the previous glass slide with a steel structure frame, and the appearance is more beautiful than before.

How to ensure the safety of the  glass water slide ?

The glass bottomed water slide for sale adopts national standard steel and high quality glass. The steel frames and transparent tempered glass are the main material of the entire structure. The main body of the slide are double or triple laminated tempered glass with good abrasion resistance and long service life. Besides, the main structure of the steel frame all use the splicing process. And each connection is tightly fixed in position. Besides, the material of the glass slide is not ordinary glass. It adopted double tempered laminated glass. Double tempered laminated glass refers to the combination of tempered glass and laminated glass. After completing the glass tempering work, professional staff will carry out further safety processing to bond the two pieces of glass together. It can increase the strength of the glass.

This is not only the glass chute pressure resistance, the impact resistance are greatly improved. What’s more, although you encounter problems, it will not be like ordinary glass directly broken. On the contrary, in the lower layer will be a large piece of debris together to continue to play a protective role.

This kind of material usually uses chemical or physical methods to form a compressive stress on the surface of the glass. When the glass bears an external force, it will first offset the stress on the surface. The choice of tempered glass for the construction of scenic glass slides can not only improve the bearing capacity, but also strengthen the tempered glass’s own wind pressure resistance.

On the other hand, the laminated glass material selected for the construction of the scenic glass bottomed slide way include two or more pieces of glass with one or more layers of organic polymer interlayer film sandwiched between them. After processing, the glass and the intermediate film can form a composite glass product.

How can you get a suitable Water Glass Slide Ride?

If you want to get a suitable water glass slide, we can design it according to your needs. We have  professional design team and can provide you with free customized service, you just need to tell us where you want to build the glass bottomed water slide, such as, amusement park, scenic pot, resort, etc. We can provide custom service in the length, color, and shape of the glass bottomed water slide.

assembly process of glass water slide

Customized service is available for the track shape. The slide has “S” , C, spiral , round -shaped turns and curves that add to the adventure of going down the mystical ride. So you can choose from them.

About the length of the fiber glass slide. What is the proper length for building a glass water slide? The length depends on many factors: some factors such as the slope of the site, the height, and the experience of tourists.

Most of the rafting water slide is between 650 meters and 3000 meters, and the rafting time is between 7 and 20 minutes. Generally, large-scale scenic spots will choose to build 1000 meters, because the investment of 1000 meters is not big or small, and for tourists, the rafting time is just right, not long or short, so they can enjoy the rafting experience very well. And in terms of fees, it is also a relatively moderate price. If you build 300 meters or 500 meters, first of all, the experience of tourists will not be very good. In addition, if you want to built it in a mountainous area, the length is about 2000-3000 meters.

The situation in each place is different, and the length of the glass water slide must also depend on the actual terrain and local economic conditions. It is also very appropriate to build 600-800 meters in some scenic spots.

At the same time,  you can choose the size of the drifting boats: two-person drifting boat (about 2.4m long, about 1.2m wide)—or one-person drifting boat, and so on.

The size of the glass is diversity.  The conventional size is generally 1.3*1.3 meters, while the side glass is 0.6*1.3 meters. Of course, the size you can choose according to your actual demand.

You can choose the color of the rubber boat and glass as you needs.

And we can satisfy all of your needs. 

How much the water slide will cost if you invest?

Our price mainly depends on the length and the material of Glass bottomed water slide for sale that you selected. In addition, your customized requirements will directly influence the final price. If the length of Epic glass water slide is longer, the price will be higher, of course, there will be a corresponding discount for you. Usually, Prices range from $ 139 to $ 429 per square meter. Mini order: 200 square meter, just for your reference. We have different materials for your choice, prices vary for different types of materials. But you can rest assured that we will give you the best price.If you want to know the price difference for the material, please do not hesitate to contact us.