Outdoor trampoline park has become a very popular attraction due to its fun and exercise function since 2000s. According to research, jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes is the same as running for 30 minutes. Therefore, it is not only a leisure activities for children, but also for adults to exercise. Nowadays, you can see all kinds of outdoor trampoline park in square, amusement park, forest, scenic spots, etc. So many businesses investors are trying to set such a outdoor trampoline park. But due to lack experience, many of them failed.


Trampoline installation

However, some of them is success due to finding a reliable outdoor trampoline park manufacturer & supplier. With the help of trampoline park manufacturer, it only takes 3 months to erect the outdoor trampoline park. What’s more, it also receive a good benefit. But how to find such manufacturer, here I want to recommend Dinis amusement ride manufacturer.

How does Dinis stand out from other manufacturer?

small children's trampoline

We have design and produced over 200 trampoline parks at home and abroad.  And our customers from different countries. Such as, Tanzania, Turkey, Belgium, Dubai, Philippines, Peru, Bangladesh,etc. What’s more, we also win a solid reputation from our customers. All of these enable us to provide you premium with quality products.

The materials of all modules in our outdoor trampoline park are resistant to all kinds of weather. For example, they can withstand extreme high and low weather, rain and intense UV rays. What’s more, the materials of the entire trampoline park comply with international standards. Such as, PP mesh mat, made in USA, UV-resistant, and stepped-ladder, steel sheet, color powder coated or PVC coated,etc. Therefore, Dinis’s outdoor trampoline park equipment has more longer service life than others. Due to source trampoline park manufacturer, we can give you the competitive price and make you enjoy more discounts if you have large order.

Dinis is not only a outdoor trampoline park designer, but also a direct factory. We not only offer outdoor trampoline CAD drawings, but also provide diversity trampoline park equipment. Therefore, Dinis strong strength is worthy of your trust. From free pre-sale service to after-sales, if you have any problem, please feel free to contact us. We try to respond as promptly as possible. Including but not limited to replacement of parts, installation of equipment, etc.

What is the land area requirement for an outdoor trampoline park?

Precisely, for the size of the outdoor trampoline park. There is no exact requirement here just like  un-powered amusement park for kids . It largely depends on your needs, your city’s rank as well as your spending budget. However, if you want to start carnival business, 500-2500㎡ is deal. In addition, if you just want to build a trampoline park play area for your children at your backyard. 20-200 square meter are available. Finally, your city level will greatly influence the venue area of trampoline park according to our customer’s feedback. Following is some suggestions for the land area based on the class of your city just form your reference.

For first or second tier city.

It is recommended that the trampoline park area should be more than 1,000 square feet for first- or second-level city. On the one hand, 1000 ㎡play area is spacious for customers and can bring more comfortable experience. Usually, the regular 1000 square feet trampoline park planning and design can accommodate 150-200 people at the same time. Of course, this number is not applicable to all cities. And the needs of the customer need to be taken into account. Consumers in some cities may be a little more demanding of space. On the other hand, there are many outdoor pop-up parks in first- and second-tier cities, and competition is relatively high. If your site is too small, you won’t have a competitive advantage. On the contrary, the site area cannot be too large, because the rent of site area is relatively expensive in first- and second-tier cities.

For urban and rural areas

If you intend to open a trampoline hall in urban and rural areas, 500 square feet is available. Because there are few competitors in the area. However, if you are investing in an outdoor trampoline park for the first time, it is not advisable to invest large sums of money. And you can invest in 300 square feet for insurance purposes. If business is not good in the early stage, it will not bring you much loss. If the income is okay, you can expand the store later.

How to choose the best location for outdoor trampoline park?

Choosing a suitable outdoor trampoline park location is vital for trampoline park operator. If you failed, your trampoline park will be less competitive. As a consequence, there are fewer visitors will be attracted by it. So you should consider  numerous factors when choose a suitable location. Following is the key factors that you should take into account.

The size of the passenger flow can fundamentally determine whether your trampoline park can continue to operate. According to our market research, you can build such an outdoor park in a place where the foot traffic can reach more than 1,000 people per hour. This way you will definitely not lose money. For example, outside of shopping mall, scenic spots, etc.

Convenient location is a key factor for trampoline park operation. Otherwise there won’t be too many people even if your trampoline park is well-equipped and themed.

Choose a location with convenient transportation, you can build outdoor trampoline park in the vicinity of shops, schools, restaurants,etc.

There should be wide parking spaces near the trampoline, which can provide visitors with a better experience. Attract repeat customers and bring more customers for your carnival business.

Family trampoline area

How about the price for the entire outdoor trampoline park?

Family trampoline area

The final price of the outdoor trampoline park mainly depend on the site area and the selection of equipment. However, your customized requirements also influence the price. We will design the CAD drawings according to your site. But what I can tell you is that the price per square meter of an outdoor trampoline park is $60.00-$100.00.

The larger the venue, the cheaper the price and the more discounts. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us or just send a free inquiry.