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Hot-sale Airship amusement equipment

Age: adults

Place: scenic spots, farm, amusement park, wet park

Service life: over 6 years

Capacity: 4 person


Hot-sale Airship amusement equipment is a common equipment in scenic spots and adventure parks. It is very similar to high altitude bicycle in scenic spots. However,  its design concept is based on the combination of airship technology and amusement equipment to provide visitors with a unique amusement experience. The airship has a standard carrying capacity of 4 people in Dinis factory and cannot be overloaded.

Some features of Airship amusement ride

The appearance design of this airship amusement equipment is very attractive, usually with bright colors and streamlined shape. It gives people a light and elegant feeling. This design style can attract more tourists and increase the appeal of amusement equipment.

The most important thing is that the cabins of airship amusement equipment are usually designed to be very comfortable. And tourists can enjoy the scenery and relax in the cabin.

Secondly, the power system of airship amusement equipment uses advanced technology, usually driven by propellers and engines. This design can ensure the flight stability and safety of amusement equipment and provide reliable protection for tourists. At the same time, airship amusement equipment is usually equipped with advanced suspension systems and control systems. So it can achieve precise control and smooth flight, ensuring the safety and comfort of tourists.

Finally, the flying height of airship amusement equipment can usually reach hundreds of meters or even thousands of meters. Visitors can overlook the entire scenery in the air and enjoy a unique visual experience.

This height also provides excellent shooting opportunities for photographers. They can capture beautiful scenery from different angles in the air and record unforgettable moments.

In general, airship amusement equipment brings visitors a new amusement experience through its unique appearance design, advanced power system and excellent flight height. It not only satisfies tourists’ need for excitement, but also allows them to enjoy beautiful scenery while relaxing and entertaining. Of course, there are some things to note.

Some tips for Airship amusement equipment

It is not allowed to operate in case of rain, snow, hail, fog, or wind speed greater than 8 m/s and strong wind level 4.

If there is a power outage and the motor cannot work normally, you can use the crank to pull the airship back


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