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Rotating astronaut amusement ride for sale

The equipment is made of uprights, bases, turntables, heavy-duty support frames, 4 sets of centrifugal swivels, and 4 sets of PE plate spring horses welded by laser-cut steel plates. The swivels can seat 4 people, and the spring horses can seat 4 people, a total of 8 people. The equipment covers an area of 4 meters in diameter.


The Rotary Astronaut is a non-powered device that is very popular in the market. The device is colorful and uses warm colors such as red, yellow, blue, green, blue, purple, etc. It paired with rocking horses of different colors. The huge color impact makes the experience unique. During the game, you feel like you are in a colorful rotating space, wandering in the universe exploring the infinite mysteries, unable to extricate yourself, and unwilling to leave.


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