For the Panda shaped slide for sale, we can also call it panda-theme slide, or panda-shaped climbing slide. It is very similar to peacock themed slide amusement ride in terms of design concept. However, the panda-shaped rock climbing slide perfectly combines climbing and sliding, allowing children to challenge their courage and physical flexibility.

The whole equipment is in the shape of a panda, and there are two slides in total, the steep slide on the second floor and the three side-by-side gentle slides on the first floor. The steep slide on the 2nd floor needs to go up with the help of a step ladder, and then slide down the slide at a faster speed. The gentle slope slide on the first floor needs to enter through the panda’s feet to slide down the slide. The speed is very peaceful, which is very suitable for younger children. Children can feel infinite fun and excitement in the process of climbing.

In addition, children will have a great sense of accomplishment after climbing to the top. Therefore, the panda-shape rock climbing slide not only brings unlimited fun to children, but also cultivates their courage, sense of balance and spirit of cooperation. During the climbing process, they will exercise their physical strength and coordination, and develop self-confidence and a spirit of self-challenge. In addition,  climbing and sliding with other little friends, they can also develop the qualities of teamwork and friendship. Therefore, panda slides are very popular in large supermarkets, outdoor parks, community playgrounds, schools and outdoor kids park.

What kind of material was used for the panda slide? And has it any advantages?

For the slide part, the main material is stainless steel. This stainless steel slide adopt 304 stainless steel with the following advantages.

304 stainless steel slide

The 304 stainless steel slide  is more environmentally friendly than the common one.  Usually,304 stainless steel material of the panda shaped slide for sale is made through forging process.  Good weather resistance and will not be affected in the face of complex weather. It is also safe, stable in performance, corrosion-resistant and radiation-resistant. Therefore, it has a long service life.

This 304 stainless steel slide has a large load capacity. Both adults and children can play. Therefore, it is a good choice for accompanying kids. So if you buy such slide and place it in your amusement park, it will bring more customers for your carnival business.

The face of the  304 stainless steel material is very smooth. Therefore, it is easy to do maintenance and cleaning. Also with the lower maintenance cost due to long service life.

In addition, 304 stainless steel of the panda shaped slide for sale will not be deformed or damaged after being exposed to wind, sun, and rain outdoors. Only regular safety inspections are required to ensure the safety of the slide.

How much it will cost if you invest panda-shaped climbing slide for sale?

Our panda climbing slide mainly adopts the stainless steel material. Therefore, the price of panda slide mainly depends on the price of stainless steel material and your individual requirement.

In the first place, the price of a stainless steel slide mainly depend on its scale, shape, craftsmanship, and function, and the price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The larger the scale of the stainless steel slide, the more expensive will naturally be. Different shapes of slides will also affect the price. For example, the price of a straight slide is cheaper,  and the price of a spiral slide is higher. Besides,  kindergarten stainless slides will be cheap due to relatively short. However, if this kind of panda slide is not only intended to be used as amusement equipment, but also as an ornamental object in scenic spots, the price will naturally be more expensive. And you can search the price of the stainless steel online, and then choose a stainless steel. And then you can accumulate the price according to the length of the slide you have in mind. As for the other cost of the panda slide, you can send a free inquiry to consult us. We can also estimate the final price for you according to your requirements.

On the other hand, your customization needs will also affect the final price. If you add a transparent cover and colorful lights to the slide, the price will be higher. All in all, many factor will influence the price , but we can give you some certain discount. However, if your order is larger, we will sell it at factory price ! If you have any question, just feel free to contact us by email.

How can you get a suitable panda climbing slide for sale? 

If you want to get a suitable panda slide ride, we can offer a free  customized service according to your requirements, including the length of the slide, the color and size of the panda slide, etc.

Firstly, you can customize the length of the slide according to your need. But you should remember that the slide should not be too long or too short, or it will affect the child’s experience. Then, the color of the panda, you can choose the black and white panda or colorful giant panda. You can freely combine the color as you like or you think can attract people’s attention, and we can ingeniously design to meet your individual needs. Finally, the size of the panda slide. According to our years of production experience and market feedback analysis,There are two conventional unit sizes. One is 15×12×12 m, and another is 1500×1200×1450 cm. Above two specification just for your reference. You can choose or customize according to your actual situation.

Why choose Dinis source amusement ride manufacturer panda slide?

Panda shaped slide ride

All our products are produced in accordance with national safety standards to ensure that all parts of the amusement equipment will not have safety hazards, let alone cause harm to children. In the production process, we use the the grinding and polishing process  to smooth the edges and sharps of the product. After two polishing processes, the product is smoother, avoiding future troubles, and ensure smooth slide surface. What’s more, before our products are shipped to customer countries, we need to carry out strict test machine inspection. For example, it must undergo ultrasonic weld inspection, magnetic particle inspection, and penetration testing to ensure that our products are foolproof.

Our slides are all designed by an experienced designer team according to children’s interests and age characteristics. What’s more, our slides have different shapes, which can bring different experiences to children. Let children feel not only happiness, but also health and wisdom. At present, our factory own over 10 engineers, and hundreds of mechanical skilled worker. Therefore, you can completely trust our strength.

For the same product, under the same quality and the same standard, we will give you the best price, such as factory price. With the same price, we will provide you with more experienced design, more professional installation guidance and better service. Our panda can use at least 8 years. With good maintenance, it can last up to 10 years.

As a source manufacturer, we have produced thousands of amusement ride. For example, train rides, carousels, flying chair, bumper car, etc. What’s more, we can provide free customized service for you. The size, the selection of the color, and even the decorations. In addition, we also provide 7*24 h online service, if you have any questions, we can respond as soon as possible. In terms of warranty, we provide 12 months warranty and lifetime technical support. During the warranty period, we can replace any spare parts for free. Of course, if you have any problem after the warranty period, we are willing to help you.