Creating a soft play area for your children at home is a good choice. On the one hand, it provides your child with a safe play environment. On the other hand, it can develop children’s motor skills. But how to set up a suitable soft play area for your children at home? May be this problem has confused many parents. Here I recommend you find a professional soft play design and installation company. Since they could offer one-stop service. So you don’t have to worry about tedious things. The best way is to find a company that integrates industry and trade, because they are familiar with their products. A company that can integrate industry and trade shows that the company is very strong. Therefore, you can rest assure the quality of  product. This kind of company relies on word of mouth to survive. I recommend Dinis manufacturer&supplier. A leader in China’s soft amusement equipment industry

Why choose Dinis soft play supplier ?

What’s the price of soft play for home?

  • Prices are variable and depend largely on the size of the site area, the program you select, and material. Here I can only give you the price range mainly about $80-$200 per square meter.  However, I can clearly tell you that the smaller the site area, the more expensive it is when averaged out per square meter. But you can rest assured is that we can customize it no matter how many square meters the site area is. Besides, we have different themes, such as, British style, Macaron theme, space theme, etc

  • The price of different subjects of soft play centre is also different. In addition, the material selection is the main factor for the final price. We have soft play equipment made of ordinary materials and made of excellent materials. The only difference between them is the service life. 

  • Usually, the indoor playground soft made of premium material can use 7-8 years, but the common one can use just 5-6 years. So the premium material is more expensive than the common one. Last but not least, if you have bulk orders, discount are available. Contact us for further details.

Who is suitable for family indoor soft play?

  • Indoor soft play are generally mainly used by children aged 3-13 and under 1.6 meters tall. Children under 6 years old should be accompanied by a guardian when entering. Children are not allowed to bring items into the soft play to avoid scratching their bodies during play.

  • So if you want to build a soft play area in your home. First consider the age and height of the child. And then decide. Of course, if you have toddlers under 3 years old, it is available. However, you should be present at all times during play to ensure the safety of your child. Otherwise, it is not recommended to play.

  • Besides, if you have large venue in your home, you can also add some mechanical rides, such as mini carousel ride, etc. All these can make your indoor soft play more vivid. And bring your children a real feeling just like in indoor playground.

Popular indoor soft play equipment for home

Soft dry ball pits are essential for soft play playground. It can bring more fun and entertainment for your kids from 3-8. There are two material for you reference, one is plastic, another is fabric. Based on our many years of production experience, large, soft, and lightweight balls that are safe for children. So I recommend plastic balls. Besides, we also have different color for your reference or you can freely choose 4 colors according to according to the child’s favorite. Usually, there need 200-300 balls for the common ball pits. Besides, the shape of the ball pit is adjustable. Finally, you can add stuffed animals to the ball pit to add variety. This can help to spark imaginative play and keep the experience fresh in children’s minds.

Ocean balls are a standard feature in indoor children’s playgrounds. It can be used with amusement equipment such as slides, and rainbow nets. The color of the ocean ball is available according to the overall style of the indoor children’s playground. For the safety of children, the ocean ball is made of safe and environmentally friendly CHS-350mmPP material by blow molding. The ball size is 80mm, which can effectively prevent children from swallowing.

The mini trampoline is made of PVC material, with bright colors, soft material. At the same time, it is not easily damaged and has good elasticity, which comprehensively protects children’s healthy sports.

Free customization service for you

For the indoor soft play for home, there are different plans for you to choose from. Single, double layer, or multi-player soft play for your reference. Usually, first floor height is 1.4 meters, and second floor height over 2.8 meters. If your site area is relatively small, you can choose this option. At the same time, the height of the indoor soft play can slightly adjustable according to your room. In addition, there are many theme for your reference, Macaron theme, snow theme, British style, etc. You can also choose other theme according to your needs. No matter what you need we can meet you. In addition, if you have CAD drawings, we can produce the soft play equipment according to your requirements. 

Top quality soft play equipment for home use

In Dinis factory, all soft play equipment are made of high quality materials. Below are the main materials used for soft play for home.

If you want to know more material information, please feel free to contact us by email.