Un-powered amusement park for kids, we can call it fitness park. It is a comprehensive amusement park integrating more than 50 kinds of amusement projects.  At the same time, there was no power and electricity. The whole equipment mainly depend on human power to drive. The main equipment of the non-powered park includes: bravely climbing the peak(High climbing Slide), trampoline,  air jumping cloud, snow dry rainbow slide,  zip-line,  swinging, un-powered rotating flying chair swing ride,  different seesaw rides, and human powered roller coaster, etc. These rides will keep the kids coming back for more. And also they not only exercise the body’s balance and coordination, but also enable the child’s left and right brains to be developed. It is safe and full of fun, and also satisfies the characteristics of children’s vitality and love of sports.

Besides, in the non-powered amusement park, you don’t have to worry about the time limit problem. On the contrary, you only need to pay the ticket for you and your kids, and the two of you can play all the time, even from day to night. It’s very cool, right? Therefore, it is a paradise where parents can enjoy it all day long with their children. While playing, the body can be exercised, also can enhance children’s spirit of being competitive, daring to explore, and unite and help each other. In addition, it is conducive to the cultivation of children’s brave, strong personality and the all-round development of children’s speed, strength and balance.

The most important thing is that the un-powered amusement park for kids is also a good new project to promote the relationship between parents and children. Therefore, young consumer groups all like the exercise program of the un-powered paradise, and is gradually becoming the new favorite of outdoor comprehensive playgrounds. The physical park project can not only entertain yourself, but also bring more fun for your whole family.

Top 4 popular rides in un-powered amusement park

Zip line is an exciting and interesting program that allows children to feel the fun of speed and adventure. Setting up a zip line in the physical park can not only exercise the children’s balance and courage, but also enable them to immerse themselves in the thrill of flying.  You can freely choose the zip line project  according to the children’s age and fitness level to ensure their safety and fun.

Climbing equipment as a children’s physical park of a difficult project, can exercise the children’s strength, flexibility and endurance. The challenging nature of the climbing equipment allows children to believe in themselves and constantly improve their abilities. At the same time, in the process of climbing, children can also develop self-confidence, perseverance and teamwork. Climbing equipment is available for the customization service according to the age and physical quality of the children to ensure their safety and sense of challenge!

Trampoline is a fun and able to exercise physical exercise program, which allows children to jump, bounce, rotate, enjoy the feeling of speed and freedom. Trampolining not only exercises children’s coordination and balance, but also improves their flexibility and reaction ability. In order to ensure the safety of the children, our trampoline in the children’s  un-powered park adopt PVC material. It has the characteristics of good elasticity, high durability, safety and stability.

The advantages of water suspension bridge equipment are low investment cost, small footprint, and more flexible operation.  It is exciting and fun, but very safe and reliable. Very different from the ground equipment, it can quickly attract children’s attention and meet the children’s psychology of curiosity. Besides, water suspension bridge is more innovative and novel. So it is indispensable for un-powered amusement park.

How about the materials used in the un-powered park?

The overall materials of  un-powered park have been strictly reviewed, and the quality has been strictly controlled. Following is the main material selection.

  • 1
    The steel is made of seamless pipe of national standard. High-quality galvanized pipe welding, all pipe welding are used 600m steel sleeve welding process,the overall performance greatly improved, all-steel structure made of standard fittings such as ground screws
  • 2

    All with artificial weaving of special rope, more durable, and after the national recognized.

  • 3

    Expand the frame body is easy to disassemble, movable, no on-site welding, steel frame body all screw connection, equipment in the whole has enough strength, no deformation and damage phenomenon

  • 4
    The wood is excellent anti-corrosion wood, life is longer than the general wood.

How much will it cost if you invest in un-powered amusement park for kids?

The cost of a un-powered amusement park depends on three factors: the size of the footprint, the amount of equipment, and the grade of the city where the non-powered  park is invested in.

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Site area is typically 200-3000 square feet, you can choose according to your requirement. The larger the venue, the more expensive it is. Of course, the income will be better.

The cost of building an unpowered park mainly depends on the number of equipment, the more equipment, the relatively higher the price!

Taking 300 square meters of venues as an example, the first and second tier cities need at least 80W of investment cost in the early stage, the third and fourth tier cities need at least 60W, and the fifth and sixth tier cities need at least 50W.

Why recommend you to invest un-powered park?

There is no electricity, so the cost is relatively low. Due to their was no electricity. So investors do not need to worry about the risk of electric shock due to power failure. Besides, you also needn’t to build a motor room for maintenance, and it can save money and effort.

Steel frame planks and rope nets are the main material of all products, safe and without danger. They just need less management personnel such as snow dry rainbow slide amusement ride, saving manpower.

All-in-one ticket operation, charging is more convenient.

Physical expansion equipment not only meets children’s play needs, but also meets parents’ expectations for children’s growth. By mastering the skills of climbing sports, children can have good coordination, flexible skills. It can promote their physical growth and development. And the fun that children can get from it also meets the needs of parents.   At the same time, the development prospects are very good.

Whether it is a flat site or a mountainous area, we can also design and plan according to the terrain. Now there are many scenic spots and farmhouses that can plan un-powered parks. There is no requirement for terrain, which makes it suitable for any site.