How does Dinis factory ensures the long service life of our products? Following is the answer. As a professional amusement rides manufacturer& supplier, Dinis has produced thousands of amusement ride. Our main product contains mechanical rides and un-powered ride. Such as, train rides, bumper car, carousel, flying chair, human powered pedal roller coaster, rainbow slide, air jumping cloud, etc. Each series of products has different models for your reference. What’s more, our exports have exported many countries, like Tanzania, Turkey, Belgium, Dubai, Philippines, Peru, Bangladesh,etc. The most important thing is that we have received a unanimous praise from our clients due to its long durable and long service life. Following is the reason why our product has long service life.

Firstly, control product quality from the source and strictly control the selection of materials

Material is a key factor in determining product service life. For different products, we choose the best materials when selecting materials. Such as 304 stainless steel slides, galvanized steel pipes, FRP material, etc. All of these materials ensure that our amusement equipment will last 2-3 years longer than other manufacturer. We can also produce FRP material ourselves. This is our specialty. It has the characteristics of smooth surface, never fade out, etc. This is the one reason why Dinis amusement ride has long service life.

Secondly, perfect production system, strict production process and advanced production technology to guarantee the long service life of our product

At present, we have complete production system, which can ensure the long service life of our products. From raw material processing workshop, assembly workshop, welding workshop, constant temperature and long-lasting spray painting room, professional quality inspection department and so on. Ensure product quality step by step. Once there are unqualified products, they will be reworked immediately. Our product quality requirements are strictly controlled within millimeters. For example, the thickness of FRP is controlled to 3-5 mm. Once it exceeds this range, it must be reworked. Besides, we adopt advanced equipment like advanced laser cutting machines. Our factory currently has 3 laser cutting machines. Laser cutting machine cuts parts, holes are uniform and accurate, and installation is quick and easy.

Finally, after the product is completed, several rounds of trial runs are carried out to ensure the service life of our product

Ensure that our products can operate normally in the customer’s country. What’s more, we also have strictly testing technology. Such as magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, penetration testing, etc. Magnetic particle testing mainly detects if there is a crack in the joint. Penetration testing is mainly to check whether there are pores. However, ultrasonic is mainly for shaft products. All of these can ensure our products are free of defects and potential risk factors.

The above is the answer to how our Dinis factory ensures the service life of our products. We can offer you high quality but affordable price. We dedicated to sell our products all over the world, so product quality is vital for our development. In addition, we also win a solid reputation at home and abroad and receive highly praise from our clients. For more information, please feel free to contact us or just send a free inquiry. Dinis amusement always welcome people from all walks of life to visit our factory and negotiate business in China.