Top 5 popular kids park rides In 2024. As a professional kids park designer and planner, Dinis has designed over 3000 parks project for more than 200 countries. However, we have successfully planned over 50 kids theme park at home and abroad so far. At the same time, we are not only kids park designer, but also professional amusement ride manufacturer. Therefore, we clearly know the popular amusement attractions in 2024. If you are considering to build a kids park or want to buy popular kids amusement equipment, I believe that this article is very helpful for you. At the same time, if you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.

5 Popular amusement park rides for children

According to our customer feedback, 3 horse carousel,   non-powered pendulum ride, human powered roller coaster   mini pirate ship ride, and tea cups are the most popular. It is not only loved by children, but also by adults. Therefore, if you buy these amusement rides for you amusement park, it will help you make more profit. Following are the specific information just for your reference.

Amusement park swing carousel for sale

3 horse electric merry go round ride for sale

Typically, 3 horse merry go round is compact in terms of size. So it is not only suitable for kids park, but also suitable for your backyard. Beside, there are different themes for you to choose from. For example, ocean theme carousel, magic theme merry go round, Snow White theme, etc. Of course, we can also customize the theme as your needs. Beside, it also occupied a small footprint, mainly about 1.5/3m *2m H. Therefore, it is absolutely safe for children. By the way, it is suitable for children 3-6 years old. What’s more, the price is very cheaper than large one. Although it is small in size, it also has strong power. Usually, it is equipped with 220V voltage and 300W power. So you don’t have to worry about power issues. In addition, it is very easy to transport. Its volume is 5 CBM.

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Hot-sale non-powered pendulum ride

Un-powered pendulum ride is different from traditional pendulum ride. It mainly depends on human power to run. Compare to traditional pendulum rides, it is cheap in price. What’s more, it can bring more fun for your whole family. Typically the child sits on it and it needs to be pushed by the parent to run. During the entire operation, it requires both parents and children to communicate with each other. So it can greatly enhance the relationship between children and parents. In terms of size, the area it covers is 4*3.5*3 m. Meanwhile, there are 4 seats for each pendulum. But it is adjustable according to your requirements. Furthermore, it will only cost you a few hundred dollars. If you have tight budget, you can buy this un-powered pendulum for your carnival business.

Popular parent-powered roller coaster for sale

Parent-powered roller coaster, you can also call it human powered roller coaster ride. As the name suggests, it mainly depends on human power to run. It is similar to traditional roller coasters rides, but it has less thrilling experience. It is suitable for children ages 3-8. Generally speaking, it consists of a pedal bicycle and a small roller coaster track. Furthermore, it need an adult to pedal bicycle to turn the chain to make the small roller coaster run. At the same time, kids sit on the cockpit. The overall length of the track is mainly about 20-30 m. Its max height is 5 m. Its area is 11*5*4.5m. Many kids park operators are willing to purchase this kind of roller coaster. Because it is popular with children and adults.

Theme park Pedal Roller Coaster Amusement Ride

  Popular Mini pirate ship ride for kids

Mini swinging boat is specially designed for children.  There it is different from large swinging boat ride. Also it is indispensable for the kids park. On the one hand, it is attractive due to its design. On the other hand, colorful LED lights can attract more customers. In addition, the theme is very vivid. For example, there are snow and ice theme viking boat, sun theme swinging boat, and animal theme swinging ship ride, etc. The number of seats is 8-12. What’s more, it also has stable running speed. Mainly about 6-8r/min. Its area size is 6 *5m. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with 380v voltage and 4 kw power. Although it can bring a thrilling experience for children, it is safe. The max height is about 3 m. If you want to buy mini pirate ship for you kids amusement park, just contact us. And we will reply as soon as possible.

pirate ship carnival ride

Spinning tea cup ride for sale

Coffee cup ride can be divided into large and small. For kids theme park, small teacup ride is common. Usually, it’s family-centered. And each cup can hold 4 people. The best-seller is animal theme coffee cup. The overall design is very attractive. And the total capacity is 24 person. What’s more, trailer coffee cup ride. It is more convenient for instant business operators. Following are the specific information for the tea cup ride.


Color: customized

Capacity: 24 person

Diameter: 8 m

Voltage: 380 V/220V


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