Parameter information 

  • 【Cabin】: 12 cabins


  • 【Capacity】: 24 passengers


  • 【Height】: 6 m


  • 【Power】: 5.5 kw



  • 【Voltage】: 380 V

Double Ferris wheel for sale, also called double side Ferris wheel or double face Observation wheel, is a kind of playground equipment . It belongs to a kind of small Ferris wheel ride with a new look and attractive cartoon pictures designed for children. As the name reveals, a double side observation wheel is a kind of giant wheel that is equipped with several cabins on two sides. And each side can carry different number of cabins according to real situation. 5, 6 and 8 cabins are common in amusement parks, theme parks, playgrounds, fairgrounds and other crowed places.

Although it has more cabins than single face Ferris wheel ride, it only occupies a small footprint like carousel amusement rides. Therefore, you can buy your children a double Ferris wheel and put it in your backyard. It will be bring more fun for your family and children. But how to find a suitable small kids Ferris wheel?  Don’t worry, Dinis Ferris wheel manufacturer will help you.

Why should you choose our  Ferris wheel ride over our competitor?

we are professional China amusement equipment manufacturer with over 20 years of production and export experience. We have our own factory and integrating production and sales. After 20 years of development, we have formed a complete production system of a variety of amusement equipment. Double Ferris wheel rides are the main product in our factory, we have produced hundreds of small Ferris wheel and exported them abroad. It is well received by our clients. Besides, we have professional production and R&D team and more than hundred of skilled staff. Only a good team can produce good products, so you can buy our double-sided observation car with confidence

We adopted advanced magnetic particle inspection technology to ensure the quality of the double Ferris wheels. Before shipment, we will go through several rounds of trial runs to test the performance of the ride. And then provide you the best products.

Survival by quality is our aim. Every step of our production process is carried out under the guidance of professionals. We use the best materials to extend the life of our equipment, such as FRP material. Therefore, our double side Ferris wheel rides are designed with safety and durability. However, we could provide you a favorable price compared with other company since we are source manufacturer. We pay more attention to the quality so that we could win  a good reputation to expand our overseas market.

We can offer complete pre-sale and post-sale service. Free site planning and drawing design is available in Dinis. You can also enjoy free pre-sale consultation service and special personalized service. Free one-year non-human warranty service to ensure your profit.

Where can you ride Ferris wheel? 

If you are looking for a double Ferris wheel, there are some tips for you. Double decker observation wheel is a kind classic Ferris wheel. It is sure to be a hit in carnivals, amusement park, theme park, fairs, and other places. Here are some of the most commonly used applications of the Mini Ferris Wheel.

Double face observation wheel rides are popular at amusement park due to its unique appearance, colorful lights, sweet music. So you can ride a double face  Ferris wheel at amusement park.

Double side mini Ferris wheel was smaller in size. So you can find it indoors, such as, shopping mall, city center. Vivid cartoon style observation wheel is warmly welcomed by child and adults. Riding an indoor Ferris wheel indoor is good choice because there ware no weather restrictions.

The double Ferris Wheel is a main attraction at fairs and carnivals. It can provide a wonderful experience for the whole family. You can take the double small small Ferris wheel at fairs and Carnival which will give you a special experience.
Theme park double side Ferris wheel

The first 2 best-selling small double face Ferris wheel in Dinis

Dinis factory produces various Ferris wheel for outdoors and indoors.There are two popular double face Ferris wheel ride are the best selling both outdoors and indoors. One is double sided Ferris wheel ride with 10 cabins, another is double face small Ferris wheel with 12 cabins. Let get know them one by one.

This kind of small Ferris wheel includes 10 cabins in total, and each side has 5 cabins. Each cabin can hold 2 people, the size of the cockpit can be adjusted according to your real demand. You can choose parents and children to play together or several children to play together. Usually, in order to ensure the safety of the double Ferris wheel ride, there will be semi-closed or closed cabins to protect the safety of the children. Generally speaking, it is a small but not a thrilling ride. The speed of the running is relatively slower than the bigger one.

Ferris wheel is common in amusement park. However, small double Ferris wheel is common in Children’s park. Its unique appearance easily arouse children’s attention due to its two sides of the cabins,which is outstanding among so many amusement rides. Typically, 12 cabins double sided Ferris wheel can accommodate 24 people. And each side has 6 cabins. The number of the cabins is more than that of small double Ferris wheel with 10 cabins for sale. It is very common in  square, theme park, and other crowded places. It can also be used in your backyard due to its compact size.

Usually, 10/12 cabins double sided Ferris wheel cover a small footprint with 8*8m. So you can buy it for your children, and then it will bring more fun to your family and community. Also a good opportunity for investor to build it in shopping mall, city center, amusement park, etc. 

Parameter information

Usually, it has a large capacity about 100-500 kg. As for the voltage, 220v or 380 v are also available. Of course, we can adjust the voltage according to your counties demand. At the same time, it also has strong power with 5.5 kw.  As for detailed information, such as shipping and warranty information, please feel free to contact us by Email or whatsAPP.

What does it cost to buy a mini double ferris wheel kiddie ride?

Small double side kids Ferris wheel ride is cheaper than giant wheel ride. When you are planning to buy a double side giant wheel ride, you should compare the the price and the quality of different Ferris wheel.  Maybe the price is lower now, but the cost of maintenance of the double face Ferris wheel maybe higher later beyond your imagination. So you should clearly know what kind of double sided Ferris wheel you want.

control box of mini Ferris wheel

If you have enough budget, here we recommend you to buy high quality double face amusement park Ferris wheel with factory price in Dinis. But there was no specific price for the double Ferris wheel due to different size. I can only give you a price range. It may cost you $7,900.00-$10,000.00 per set. The price range is just for your reference. The final price will depend on your actual need. Besides, compared with the cheap double side Ferris wheel, it has longer service life and lower maintenance cost. It can save your money, time, and even your energy. If you want to buy a high quality Ferris wheel with competitive price, please feel free to contact us by email or WhatAPP. And we will reply as soon as possible. 

The material of the double sided observation Ferris Wheel?

In Dinis factory, we all use fine FRP material for all kinds of  Ferris wheel amusement rides. What’s more, we can produce FRP material by ourselves. The maximum thickness of the fiberglass reinforced plastic is six layers, which is durable and also has a long service life. For the frame, we use high-quality 304 stainless steel material.  It is corrosion resistant, non-rusting, abrasion resistant, low temperature resistant. In addition, we also use automobile paint baking process. Therefore, it is not easy to fade. And you can use this carnival ride mainly about 6 years.  But the premise is that you need normal maintenance. Know more about material information, please feel free to contact us. 

What age is the double-sided Ferris wheel suitable for children

The suitability of a double-sided Ferris wheel for children largely depends on factors such as the size, height, speed, and safety features of the specific ride. Generally, double-sided Ferris wheels designed for children are intended for younger riders, typically ranging from toddlers to pre-teens.

Here are some general guidelines:

Toddlers and Young Children: Double-sided Ferris wheels for this age group are often smaller in size, have slower rotation speeds, and feature gentle, kid-friendly themes. They are typically designed with safety features such as lower seat heights, secure restraints, and parent-friendly seating options.

Children and Pre-teens: As children grow older, they may enjoy slightly larger double-sided Ferris wheels with more thrilling features, such as higher heights and faster rotations. However, safety remains paramount, with secure restraints and age-appropriate designs to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

It’s essential for parents and guardians to consider the specific ride’s safety standards, height restrictions, and recommended age range provided by the ride operator or manufacturer. Additionally, parental supervision is often required for younger children, regardless of the ride’s suitability for their age group.

Double side Ferris wheel for sale

Repair and maintenance of double-sided children’s Ferris wheel

Regular inspections

Regular inspections of the double-sided children’s Ferris wheel include inspections of the structure, seats, seat belts, motors, transmission systems, braking systems and other components. Make sure all parts are in good condition and not damaged or worn

Cleaning and maintenance

Regularly clean the surface of the double-sided children’s Ferris wheel, including seats, brackets and fences. Use mild detergent and water to keep your equipment clean and hygienic

Lubrication and maintenance

Regularly lubricate and maintain the transmission system of the double-sided children’s giant Ferris wheel to ensure the smooth operation of the transmission system. Use appropriate lubricants to avoid friction and wear between components

Regular maintenance

Perform regular maintenance on the double-sided children’s Ferris wheel, including tightening screws, adjusting the transmission system, checking the motor and control system, etc. Make sure all parts of the equipment are in good condition to ensure safety and reliability

Professional maintenance

If you find any fault or damage to the double-sided children’s Ferris wheel, you should stop using it immediately and ask professional maintenance personnel to repair it. Do not disassemble or repair the device at will to avoid further damage.

Through regular repair and maintenance, the service life of the double-sided children’s Ferris wheel can be extended, ensuring the safety and reliability of the equipment, and providing a safe and healthy play environment for children.

Applications for indoor Double Ferris wheel for sale? 

12 seats kids Ferris wheel

Application for the double Ferris wheel

As a classic amusement ride, double-sided Ferris wheels have different applications. For example, amusement park, square, theme park, scenic spots, etc. Of course, you can also buy it for your backyard due to its compact size. 

  1. Amusement Parks: Mini Ferris wheels are often found in amusement parks as a smaller-scale version of the traditional Ferris wheel. They provide a thrilling and enjoyable ride for park visitors, especially children and families.

  2. Shopping Malls: Some shopping malls incorporate mini Ferris wheels as part of their entertainment offerings. The Ferris wheel provides a unique and attractive feature, drawing shoppers and families to the mall.

  3. Carnivals and Fairs: Mini Ferris wheels are frequently featured at carnivals and local fairs as a popular ride for attendees. They add to the festive atmosphere and provide a fun experience for fairgoers.

  4. Tourist Attractions: In tourist areas, mini Ferris wheels can be used as an attraction to offer visitors a unique view of the surrounding area. They provide a leisurely ride and a different perspective of the landscape.

  5. Children’s Playgrounds: Mini Ferris wheels designed for young children are often part of playgrounds or recreational facilities. These smaller, age-appropriate Ferris wheels provide a safe and enjoyable experience for kids.

  6. Events and Parties: Mini Ferris wheels can be rented for private events, birthday parties, and corporate gatherings, adding a fun and memorable element to the occasion.

These applications showcase the versatility of mini Ferris wheels, as they can be enjoyed in various entertainment and recreational settings, providing a safe and thrilling experience for people of all ages.



Yes, Dinis company provides free customization service for you. We have professional deign team to design Ferris wheel based on your need. You can customize the theme, size, and even add your logo.

Yes, large amusement ride manufacturer such as Dinis offer big discounts on bulk orders.  Besides, the price of observation wheel is affordable. Because we sell our product at factory price. Therefore, it can save you more money. 

Actually, you can buy double Ferris wheel from the worldwide. However, there are countries that are major in the production of children’s Ferris wheel. Such as, Japan, China and USA.

Dinis is a professional ride manufacturer in China with rich experience. What’s more, it also engages in the design and planning of the park. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.

Typically, we offer installation video and brochures for our customers. Furthermore, we will dispatch experienced engineers to your country to ensure the proper installation. So you don’t have to worry about the installation issues.