Tube rail slide for sale, also called gravity coaster, is made of seamless steel pipe material, laid or framed on the ground with a certain slope, a facility for passengers to slide down from top to bottom. Its shape just like double block amusement ride on the whole. The trolley in the tube slideway slides stably on the maintenance-free stainless steel structure, and it slides smoothly and without noise.


Tube Rail Slide for kids and adults

The project has no special requirements for the site, and you can place it in some places with height differences such as forests, scenic spots, rivers, mountains, farms, shopping malls, and urban streets. It is a new type of track developed on the basis of the trough stainless steel slide that is popular in the world for nearly a year. In addition to the exciting, safe and reliable features of the trough slide, it also has its unique advantages.

Why do you recommend investing in tube rail slides?

Woods Tube Rail Slide for sale

No need for foundation construction, easy installation, maintenance, low cost, tube-rail slides can provide exciting slides at a height of 6 meters or even higher, and elevated tracks can also easily cross the road

You can operate the  tube-rail slideway around the clock, (including rain, snow and frost). However, if it is raining,  you could use the protective covers above the gravity coaster to make the ride experience more enjoyable..

Tube rail slide for sale has little impact on the original environment of the forest land and the vegetation on the ground.  Besides, there is no need for a large amount of infrastructure construction. In this way, it can protect the ecological environment.

Fourthly: The tube-rail block has excellent performance, simple operation, safety and reliability, etc. It runs smoothly and the speed can reach about 1.5m/s.

Is the tube rail slide for sale is safe?

Yes, it has high security performance. And you can see the specific information

  1. Three-point safety belt, tourists cannot open it by themselves
  2. The trolley has a manual brake, and tourists can slow down by themselves
  3. There is a speed limiter on the trolley, and the speed limiter will reduce the speed if it exceeds 40km/h
  4. There is an electromagnetic brake system before getting off the platform
  5. There are anti-collision settings on the front and rear of the tackle
  6. In the lifting stage, there are anti-barbs on the track to prevent the block from slipping backwards
  7. There are safety protection nets and walking platforms on both sides of the slide way to ensure the safety of tourists
  8. Equipped with a trolley guide to avoid derailment of the trolley.

How does the tube rail slide work?

Before understanding the operating principle of the tube-rail slide way, we need to understand its main components.

The tube-rail slide way facility contains a down slide way,a trolley, a lifting system, a station building (upper station building and a lower station building),communication equipment and safety circuit, signs and safety signs, safety net, etc.When the pipe-rail slide way is going up, the hoisting system can transport the trolley from the lower station to the upper station. When descending, passengers ride on the pulley, and use the component force of the pulley and the passenger’s own weight as the downward driving force, and the passenger controls to slide down the station in the down slide way. The upward and downward movements form a cycle.

The unique advantages of the tube rail slide for sale

Compared with other amusement rides, the tube-rail slide is more thrilling and safer. There are safety belt and brake handle, passengers can control their own speed according to their own acceptance. Each car will have two sets of independent safety belt system,and also have the function of self-locking function; automatic distance control system, the realization of the rear car can be sensed in front of the position of the car, when the distance from the vehicle in front is too close, it can slow down by itself to avoid potential safety hazards due to the collision of the pulley.

Theme Park Tube Rail Slide for sale

Besides, the trolley can automatically padlock throughout the process without human intervention; visual touch screen control enables more accurate control of the real-time situation on site.

How about the material of tube rail slide for sale?

Pipe material( (Q235A carbon steel) is the main material of the the pipe-rail. The main material uses Q235 steel and galvanized. It has strong bearing capacity and strong corrosion resistance.

Fiberglass is the main material of the panel of the trolley and it is easy to fold

The bracket is a special hot-dip galvanization channel steel

The support plate is 5-8 mm imported stainless steel plate. And pulley brake strip, wear-resistant, high temperature resistant
Stainless steel track Galvanized bracket Lifetime maintenance-free. The rail car adopts a glass steel shell, with beautiful colors and an atmospheric appearance

How to get a suitable tube rail slide for sale?

If you want to get a suitable zip-line roller coaster, we can offer a customized service according to your requirements. Including but not limited to the size, color, shape, etc. For example, if you want to run your own business at night, we can design LED lights for your tube rail slide. And it is very beautiful and can give visitors a feeling of thrill. As soon as the sun sets on the horizon, the track will come to life with dazzling LED lights. It’s a very cool way to experience the ride. With the under-glow lighting that runs the length of the track, you’ll be able to enjoy the nighttime ride through the forests, woods, etc.


Furthermore, for the size of the carts, you can choose one or two-seater. However, the best set-up is usually one adult and one child. Some points to note, the maximum combined weight limit is 375 lbs (170 kg) in dry conditions. However, 335 lbs (152 kg) in wet conditions when designing your gravity coaster.